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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death: Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
When people decide to place their loved one in a nursing home, they think that they will be placing him in good hands. The staff who work in a nursing home are supposed to be kind and compassionate. However, the sad reality is that nursing home abuse is very prevalent. In fact, a recent statistic revealed that over 30 percent of American nursing homes have received an abuse citation. There has also been evidence to suggest that over 90 percent of nursing home patients do not get the care that they need.
The signs of abuse may not always be obvious. That is why most people have no idea that their loved one is being mistreated. If nursing home abuse is left unreported, the patient can become seriously ill or injured.
In many cases, nursing home abuse has lead to death. For example, many nursing home patients have died because they were not fed properly, or because a bed sore became seriously infected. Others have succumbed because they did not get the medication that they needed. Some nursing home patients have even been beaten to death. Additionally, nursing home falls are extremely common and can be prevented with proper care. Many patients have died because of the head trauma that they sustained due to the fall.

Get Help
No one likes to talk about what goes on behind closed doors in a nursing home. However, this problem will continue to get worse as long as people fail to talk about it. Anyone who suspects that their loved one’s death was caused by abuse should not hesitate to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.
There is no way that the pain of losing a loved one can ever be undone. However, family members will feel a lot better knowing that justice has been served. A Lawyer will fight hard to make sure that the deceased person’s loved ones get the compensation that they deserve. Many families have been able to get over $400,000 in compensation.
Studies have shown that nearly 70 percent of nursing home abuse cases go unreported. If staff members are not punished, they will most likely abuse and neglect other patients. People can help stop the cycle of nursing home abuse by hiring a lawyer. There are many nursing homes around the country that have been closed down after a nursing home abuse lawsuit was filed against them.
Again, losing a loved one is hard because it leaves a wound in the heart that will never heal. But when someone commits a crime, they deserve to be punished. That is why you should contact a lawyer immediately if you have a family member that has died because of nursing home abuse. A nursing home abuse attorney will make sure that the responsible staff members are punished for their crimes.