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Speak Out and Help End Nursing Home Abuse

With nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect being so unfortunately widespread, this problem is likely to personally affect many of us at some point in our lives. From time to time our website visitors share with us their very troubling stories of how nursing home abuse has personally affected their lives. From physical abuse to bed sores to sexual abuse, our visitors have shared stories with us that make you fully understand the gravity of the problem of abuse and neglect in our nations nursing homes. With the authors’ permission, we have reprinted three such stories below. The more attention we can bring to this problem the better our chances of reducing and hopefully ending the tragedy of nursing home abuse.

“My parents suffered horrible abuse at the hands of a nursing home. We now have them moved to a safe place. They endured physical and mental abuse and theft by staff members. My mother was threatened with being strangled by her phone cord if she called family members to complain. She suffered stage IV pressure sores and skin breakdown due to neglect. The facility fought us when we tried to transfer them to another place. We finally won the fight and got them out of there. I intend to do everything I can to shut that place down! Abuse of the elderly has to stop NOW.”

– Christina, Indiana

“I lost my mother 1 year ago while she was dealing with chemotherapy treatments for the cancer that was eating her up. She got up to use the restroom because the staff was too busy to assist her and she fell down and hit her head. This happened early in the morning and she had called for help numerous times for about an hour. A few days later she passed away and we noticed a very large hematoma on the back of her head. Sad thing is, she had hit her head when she fell and we looked her over and she just had a small bump. We all agree that the bump is what did her in because she was doing pretty well after the chemo.”

– Bill, Iowa

“My mother died in a [Florida nursing home]. She was there three and a half years and was abused almost daily. Because she attempted to take herself to the bathroom, she fell at least ten times BEFORE any type of fall precautions were put in place. I asked why and was told by an RN, “She has a right to fall.”

…She was also medicated with anti-anxiety medication, given sometimes two doses of Milk of Mag. When I asked them to cut the dose, they wouldn’t. The day before she died Nov.18, 2011 she was given the laxatives again and had at least seven bouts of diarrhea. This was late after noon and than at about 6PM she was give her HS medication. An hour later she had “NO” blood pressure. She was dehydrated.
When I got back to the nursing home an EMT was on bed because he couldn’t get her BP. She was transported to the ER at [a nearby] hospital. She was put on IV for hydration and other painful treatment. Than discharged back to the hospital because the on-call doctor wouldn’t admit her because if he did, he would have to do rounds and he didn’t want to do rounds. She died the next night Nov. 19, 2010.
I got there thirty seconds after she died and she looked like a picture seen of the dead Holocaust victims. Mouth open and looking upward. She was just skin and bones because the food was terrible and the nurses kept giving her laxatives.

My mother was a quiet little women, she didn’t create problems and did not give the staff problems. She worked hard all her life, loved her TV and coffee. Oh, also chocolate.
As far as I know, not a single staff person was ever written-up or punished for the abuse. It’s not just my mother but other patients as well.

I filed a lawsuit but it came to a halt when it was found I had signed an arbitration form nestled in the admission paper work. This is just wrong that those folks at the nursing home could do anything to any patient and not pay for the crime.

I’ve looked at all the states, even Mississippi protects their senior citizen better than Florida. I miss my mother every day and carry a great deal of guilt because I could not stop her horrible abuse. Please do something! It’s too late for my MOM but maybe not your Mom.”
– Brenda, Florida

If you would like to share with us how nursing home abuse has affected your life please email us at We encourage you to stand up and speak out, and help make a real difference.

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