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Oklahoma nursing homes are required to have at least one registered or licensed nurse on duty for each eight-hour shift. Adequate levels of staff and qualified staff members must always be on duty in order to properly meet the needs of all nursing home residents.

All nursing homes required a professional staff. This includes at least one physician, a dentist, and a registered nurse. Every patient in the nursing facility must meet with the physician at least once a month. A certified and qualified dietician is also required in order to meet the residents’ nutrition needs.

Professional social services must also be provided by nursing homes in order to deal with mental, emotional, and social issues that may arise among residents. Federal and State laws also required the facility to provide pharmaceutical services to residents.

Pursuant to Oklahoma law, all nursing homes must maintain livable conditions by using proper sanitation, laundry services, and making sure that the facility is free of debris. It is also required to have an infection control program.

In addition, nursing home residents must be provided with sufficient companionship, recreational activities, and social activities. However, the resident is free to choose if he or she wants to participate in these programs. Regardless of resident participation, the activities are required by law.

Oklahoma law does not tolerate any form of physical or emotional abuse. This includes neglect, pushing, hitting, belittling, and any other activity done towards a nursing home resident with malicious intentions.

The statute of limitations for nursing home negligence is two years from the time the injury or negligence was discovered, or at least reasonably should have been discovered.

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The McIver Brown Law Firm’s award-winning attorneys represent the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout Arizona including the following cities and their surrounding areas: Broken Arrow, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.

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Under State and Federal law, victims of nursing home abuse and neglect have the legal right seek damages for their injuries. If your loved has been victim to this type of abuse, it’s imperative to understand your rights and seek legal recourse from an experienced nursing home abuse attorney. At McIver Brown law firm, our leading Oklahoma nursing home abuse lawyers have decades of experience and have helped numerous clients win the justice they deserve. For more information, contact us today for a free consultation.


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