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Nursing Home Abuse News in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Human Services (GDHS), the population of individuals aged 60 and older is expected to increase at least 75% by the year 2030 in the state of Georgia. With the increase in elderly population, the number of individuals residing in nursing homes is expected to rise, which unfortunately has the potential of leading to an increase in nursing home abuse and neglect issues.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, it’s important to understand your rights and obtain legal help from a nursing home abuse lawyer. With a plethora of attorneys to choose from, it’s important to seek out a nursing home abuse attorney who possesses the experience and knowledge to help you win your case. Nursing home abuse lawyers can help you get the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Georgia Cities

Nursing home abuse lawyers represent the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout Arizona including the following cities and their surrounding areas: Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Gainesville, Macon, Savannah, and Warner Robins.

Laws on Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

In many instances, victims and/or loved ones aren’t aware of all of the nursing home laws and regulations mandated in Georgia. However, it’s imperative to understand your rights if you have a loved one residing in a Georgia nursing home.

In nursing homes in Georgia, at least one registered or licensed nurse is required to be on duty for each eight-hour shift. An adequate nursing staff and qualified staff members are required to be on duty at all times in order to sufficiently care for the nursing home residents’ needs.

In addition, a professional staff is required of all nursing homes, which includes at least one physician, dentist, and as previously stated, a registered nurse. Each nursing home patient must be able to visit the physician at least once every 30 days. Every nursing home must also have a certified and qualified dietician on site to ensure that mandatory nutritious meals, specialized foods for individual dieting needs, and snacks are served.

Each nursing home must also provide professional social services in order to adequately deal with mental, social, emotional, and other related problems that the residents may face. Pharmaceutical services must also be provided in accordance with Federal and State laws.

Georgia law requires that all nursing homes must be kept in a livable condition by using the proper sanitation, cleaning clothes and linen, and ensuring that the nursing home is debris-free. Unfortunately, an alarming number of nursing home residents fall ill each year simply because of an overabundance and germs and bacteria caused by a lack of cleaning and sanitizing. Each nursing home must also have an infection control program.

Furthermore, suitable companionship, recreation, and social activities must be provided for each and every nursing home resident. It is up to the resident as to whether he or she wants to participate, but the option, by law, must be provided. Family members and loved ones should be able to have visitation with nursing home residents. Times and scheduling of visitation may vary.

Finally, absolutely no physical or emotional abuse is tolerated. Physical and emotional abuse is described as neglect, pushing, hitting, scratching, taunting, belittling, and any other activity done towards a nursing home resident with malicious intentions. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to ascertain abuse if the incident seems minor, such as a resident being ignored, a resident complaining of taunts, or other actions that may seem insignificant on surface. Yet, regardless of how diminutive the issue may seem, it’s important to keep your eyes open for even the smallest warning signs. In many instances, slight forms of nursing home abuse turn into larger problems.

Keep in mind the statute of limitations for nursing home negligence in Georgia is two years from the time the injury or negligence was found out, or at least reasonably should have been found out. If you suspect nursing home abuse, consider obtaining assistance as soon as possible.

Legal Ramifications of Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

Anyone found guilty of nursing home abuse will more than likely face civil charges along with criminal charges, should the victims choose to sue. Keep in mind that civil charges, however, are not combined with criminal charges as the prosecution represents the state of Georgia, not the individual victims.

In a criminal case, offenders found guilty of nursing home abuse can face stiff fines, penalties, probation, and depending if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony, either jail or prison time.

In a civil case, offenders found guilty may be required to pay a substantial amount in damages to the victim. The amount of damages will vary, depending upon the circumstances and the severity of the nursing home abuse. Nursing homes that fail to comply with state laws and regulations may face considerable fines in addition to the permanent closing of the the facilities.

A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help

If you feel that a loved one has had their legal rights violated, contact a nursing home abuse attorney. Each attorney has extensive knowledge regarding the nursing home abuse laws in Georgia, and will fight to ensure that your loved one receives proper care, and that you and your family get the justice and financial compensation that you deserve.

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