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Nursing Home Abuse in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Woman Arrested for Nursing Home Abuse

September 8th, 2010

A Wisconsin woman was arrested on Tuesday for alleged nursing home abuse.

The former employee at Columbus Nursing and Rehab Center will tentatively be charged with the felonies of four counts of suffocation and four counts of recklessly subjecting an individual at risk to abuse, according to the Columbus Police Department.

The residents who were allegedly abused all have little ability to communicate, have high need levels, and are 78-85 years old.

Police were contacted by the nursing home’s administration regarding an August 21st incident.

“It was learned that this employee, on four occasions, pinched the nostrils of sleeping residents together, cutting off their oxygen, as a method to wake them up,” said Lt. Dennis Weiner of the Columbus Police Department. “She also placed a pillow over the face of a resident with severe dementia for multiple times, to quiet her down.”

The woman, who worked at the nursing home as a certified nursing assistant, is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Columbia County Circuit Court in Portage.


Wisconsin Nursing Assistant Gets Community Service for Nursing Home Abuse

October 7, 2011

A former nursing assistant at St. Michael’s Lutheran Home in Fountain City, Wisconsin entered an Alford plea after being accused of nursing home abuse. The plea means she did not admit wrongdoing but admits a jury will likely find her guilty. The woman was accused of punching an elderly patient in the head.

Originally charged with felony intentional abuse and causing bodily harm, the woman’s charge was reduced to misdemeanor negligence and she must now do 40 hours of community service as well as take an anger management program.

The elderly nursing home resident told a social worker, “Every time she comes in this room, I get a biff.” The nursing assistant was accused of punching the elderly woman in the head three times, which left a large bruise.

Physical nursing home abuse and other forms of abuse should be reported to the authorities right away. You should also get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you with your legal options following abuse or neglect.


Wisconsin Nursing Assistant Charged with Felony Nursing Home Abuse

October 4th, 2010

Felony charges have been filed after a 93-year-old resident at Fountain City nursing home in Wisconsin was punched three times in the head by a nursing assistant. The nursing assistant has been charged with felony intentional abuse of a nursing home patient.

The resident reported that she was a victim of nursing home abuse on Aug. 2. The resident said she was punched three times in the head after breakfast when the nursing assistant came to move her from her wheelchair to her bed.

“Every time she comes in this room, I get a biff,” she told a social worker, as shown in court documents.

The nursing assistant was suspended without pay after the incident, according to Lutheran Home administrator Dean Dixon. Within a week later the woman was fired after an internal investigation.

Dixon said that patient safety is paramount, and the staff is trained on proper treatment of patients and how to deal with stress. But he said about once every two years abuse does happen.

“There will be times when things happen,” Dixon said. “We all wish it wouldn’t happen at all, but in the real world it does happen.”


Wisconsin Man Physically Abused Own Father in Nursing Home

January 3, 2014

A 52-year old man physically abused his father in a community-based residential facility in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin has been given two years probation. James J. Conklin was granted probation as part of a plea agreement in a case that saw him accused of elder abuse against his own father for counts including intentionally subjecting an individual to the risk of abuse, causing bodily harm and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. Conklin was arrested when staff at the residential facility where his father was staying saw a physical fight break out between the two men.

It is estimated that 2.1 million elderly people in America are victims of elder abuse each year, but that only 1 in 6 cases are actually reported. In Texas alone,  statistics show that at least 30% of all nursing homes have been involved in some sort of nursing home abuse or neglect offense.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms and its signs are not always easy to spot. It is important to stay vigilant if you have a loved one in a nursing home and ask questions. Noticing changes in temperament can make the difference and being to put a stop to any ongoing abuse. If you are looking for a Texas nursing home abuse lawyer then contact the McIver Brown Nursing Home Abuse team of lawyers today.



Wisconsin Facility Sued for Nursing Home Abuse After Resident Died

July 11, 2013

The family of an Appleton, Wisconsin nursing home resident who wandered off and died are now suing the facility for neglect and nursing home abuse.

According to police reports, 85-year-old Delores Wiersum was a resident of The Heritage nursing home when she wandered from the premises earlier this year on January 17. She was found a mile away, dead, with a pool of blood around. Initially, investigators thought she was a victim of assault, but evidence suggests that she fell several times which caused an array of injuries.

Per the Winnebago County coroner, Wiersum was left outside in 15-degree weather, wearing only pajamas and a sweater. She fell at least five times, resulted in several broken bones, bruises, and cuts. Her death was listed as hypothermia.

This week, the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against in the nursing home at the Winnebago County Courthouse. The plaintiffs are accusing The Heritage of emotional pain, distress, physical pain, wrongful death, and of violating Wiersum’s rights. Although an amount has not been disclosed, the plaintiffs are seeking damages for medical and funeral expenses.

Keep in mind that if you or a loved one have been victim to nursing home abuse and/or neglect, a nursing home abuse attorney can assist you. Nursing home abuse attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and fight to ensure you have a successful chance in winning your lawsuit. Call today for a no-obligation, free consultation.


Wisconsin Ex-Nursing Home Aid Gets Jail Time for Nursing Home Abuse

December 24th, 2010

An ex-nursing home aide will see jail time for removing pain patches from elderly patients at a nursing home in Wisconsin. The woman pleaded no contest to possession of narcotic drugs and patient abuse. She will be on probation for three years and made a plea agreement in which she was ordered to serve six months in jail; however, she will serve only 30 days if she shows progress in her drug treatment program.

The woman had been removing pain medication patches from elderly residents at St. Mary’s Care Center nursing home in Wisconsin. Staff learned of the nursing home abuse in March. Among the former nursing aid’s victims was a 63-year-old terminally ill patient.

Under the plea deal, several charges against the woman were dismissed. She does, however, face a second count of patient abuse at Drug Treatment Court.

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms. Often abusers prey on the most vulnerable of nursing home patients. If you have a loved one in a nursing home it is crucial that you know the signs of nursing home abuse. If you suspect abuse you should alert authorities immediately and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your legal rights.


Wisconsin Bill Makes Nursing Home Abuse Cover-ups Easier

January 28, 2011

A tort reform bill pending the approval of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will prevent nursing home incident reports from being admissible in court. The effect would be many nursing home abuse incidents would never be punished, and if a nursing home abuse case was brought to court abusers could easily lie with no abuse or neglect records to contradict them.

A nursing home incident report is a report filed by nursing homes whenever something bad at the facility takes place. Nursing home abuse lawyer and elder advocacy groups say these reports are critical in the fight against nursing home abuse, as they hold nursing home employees accountable for actions of abuse or neglect.

However, if the tort reform bill is signed into law–and Governor Scott Walker has said he will sign it–these records will not be allowed in court.

This situation was reported on by the Wausau Daily Herald in an opinion piece aimed at repealing the provision that would not allow nursing home incident reports into court.


Suspect in Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Case Waives Hearing

January 28, 2013

A Wisconsin woman who was charged with nursing home abuse in June of last year waived her rights to a hearing last week in court.

According to reports, Ginger S. Newlun, 50, of Wonewoc, is a former employee of the Crest View Nursing Home in New Lisbon, where she worked as a certified nursing assistant. While employed at the nursing home, she allegedly physically and mentally abused an 86-year-old resident.

After two fellow nursing assistants witnessed the abuse, they informed the authorities. One of the nursing assistants stated that she witnessed Newlun verbally and physically threaten the resident on several occasions. The other nursing assistant stated that the abuse had been going on for a months. In one particular instance, Newlun was overheard threatening to break the victim’s fingers.

Newlun was charged and arrested for one felony count of aggravated battery and one felony count of intentional abuse of a patient in order to cause bodily harm. She is out on a $25,000 bond.

Newlund demanded a preliminary hearing last year, but this past Tuesday, changed her mind and waived her rights.

The trial date has still not been set for Newlun’s criminal charges, but an arraignment is scheduled for March 5 in the Juneau County Superior Court. The victim’s family also have the option of seeking legal representation from a nursing home abuse attorney and filing civil charges for personal injury.


Former Nursing Assistant Pleads No Contest in Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Case

September 18, 2011

A former nursing assistant at Fountain City health care center in Buffalo City, Wisconsin has pleaded no contest after being accused of repeatedly punching an elderly nursing home resident in the forehead.

The 93-year-old female nursing home resident has since passed away but last year said the nursing home assistant would hit her every time she came into the room. The elderly resident said on August 2, 2010 she was hit in the forehead three times. The nursing home abuse left a large bruise on the woman’s forehead.

The nursing assistant, who was charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult, will have to complete 40 hours of community service, take anger management counseling, and is not allowed to work as a caregiver.

The abuser is, however, allowed to give child care services.

Physical and other forms of abuse in nursing homes are nothing new. Unfortunately nursing home abuse and neglect is not uncommon in our country. We can, however, hold abusers and nursing homes accountable for abuse by contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer should you or a loved one experience nursing home abuse.


Company Fires Wisconsin Employees After Nursing Home Abuse

June 6, 2013

Every employee working in a chain of nursing homes have been fired after several incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect.

According to reports, Senior Lifestyle Corporation (SLC), a Chicago-based company in charges of an array of nursing homes in Wisconsin, opened over 100 positions after a mass firing in several Wisconsin nursing homes. The firings came after the SLC took over all of the CRL Senior Living Communities and consequently learned of the past history many of the facilities have had with abuse and neglect.

Per state inspections, many of facilities have had deaths, repeated calls to authorities after residents were injured, severe, neglect, residents fighting, residents with dementia wandering away, medication mix ups, and much more. At least 14 facilities were cited with infractions.

Wisconsin State law mandates that all nursing homes must correct all problems, pay any fines, and complete required management care plans before new ownership can be obtained. SLC has started its first steps in attempting to ensure that several Wisconsin nursing homes change for the better.

The nursing homes are scattered across Wisconsin, in states such as OshKosh, DeForest, Greenfield, Kenosha, Sheboygan, and Bellevue.

Keep in mind that if you or a loved one have been victim to nursing home abuse, an experienced nursing home abuse attorney may be able to assist you. Nursing home abuse lawyers have helped numerous victims win maximum financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, emotional trauma, and more. Call today for a free consultation.


Several Employees Fired After Verbal Nursing Home Abuse

October 21, 2011

Several employees at Oakridge Osseo Nursing Home in Osseo, Wisconsin were fired after an investigation into alleged verbal abuse of residents.

A complaint was made to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and a subsequent investigation showed some staff were disrespectful and rude to residents, behavior that can be considered verbal nursing home abuse.

The nursing home’s Chief Administrative Officer said the employees had to be terminated since the alleged abuse was not reported and dealt with right away.

The Chief Administrative Officer added that he wanted this to be learning experience for staff so that they remember that the needs and care of residents is what is most important.

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms. Although verbal abuse does not receive as much attention as more obvious abuse, such and physical or sexual abuse, it can be very damaging.

Nursing home abuse or neglect in any form needs to be reported to authorities immediately. We also advise you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.