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Nursing Home Abuse in West Virginia

West Virginia Man Files Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Over Mother’s Death

September 21, 2011

A lawsuit has been filed against Teays Valley Center and Genesis Healthcare Corp. alleging that negligence contributed to or caused the death of a former resident at the nursing home. The deceased woman’s son filed the lawsuit and seeks financial compensation for the woman’s medical bills, her pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages.

The lawsuit says the nursing home is guilty of nursing home abuse as they did not implement proper fall prevention procedures which led to the woman falling numerous times and sustaining a broken hip. The suit claims that systemic abuse and neglect caused the woman serious injuries which contributed to her death or directly led to it.

Nursing home negligence causing falls and other injuries can have serious health consequences for the elderly. Family members of nursing home residents are encouraged to take legal action if they suspect nursing home abuse or neglect by contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer.


West Virginia Nursing Home Faces Two Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

July 6, 2011

Two lawsuits have been filed against Teays Valley Center nursing home located in Hurricane, West Virginia. Both lawsuits claims that nursing home abuse and neglect led to the death of a former resident.

The daughter of a female former resident says in the four occasions her mother was a resident at the nursing home she suffered “skin breakdown, weight loss and falls” due to inappropriate care at the nursing home which led to the death of her mother.

The wife of a male former resident claims that in the week her husband spent at the nursing home he endured dehydration, a urinary tract infection, falls, a broken hip, and sepsis. The woman says this abuse and neglect led to her husband’s death.

Both parties contacted a nursing home abuse lawyer on behalf of their loved ones and seek financial compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses due to Teays Valley Center nursing home’s negligence.


West Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Verdict Contested

December 9, 2011

After nursing home abuse and neglect led to the death of a resident at Heartland Nursing Home in West Virginia a jury awarded the family of the victim $91.5 million. The verdict is still being contested by attorneys and is expected to go to the West Virginia Supreme Court.

The total of $91.5 million is made up of $80 million in punitive damages and $11.5 million in compensatory damages. Lawyers for ManorCare, the nursing home’s parent company, say the compensatory amount should be capped at $500,000 under the Medical Professionals Liability Act.

Attorneys for the victim’s family say the cap only applies to companies with $1 million insurance coverage or fund. With $125 million in insurance, attorneys for the victim say ManorCare is not entitled to the cap.

A nursing home abuse lawyer plays the crucial role of fighting for abuse and neglect victims and their families to make sure nursing homes guilty of abuse are held accountable.


$90 Million Jury Verdict in West Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Case

September 29, 2011

A West Virginia jury has awarded slightly more than $90 million to the family of an elderly nursing home resident who died due to the nursing home’s negligence.

The woman was dehydrated, unable to feed herself, and described by the family’s nursing home abuse lawyer as in a “comatose” condition–all this after only being in the nursing home for three weeks.The woman was able to talk and walk with a walker before entering the facility.

The woman, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, was taken to a hospital due to her very poor health and died almost immediately.

The $90 million was awarded for economic and punitive damages, but is subject to reduction by the trial court and could be also be appealed.

One of the most pervasive and dangerous forms of nursing home abuse is that of neglect. Malnutrition, dehydration, and bedsores, to name a few, are some of the dangerous consequences of nursing home staff failing to meet the basic physical needs of nursing home residents.


$90.5 Million Verdict Awarded in West Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Case

April 16, 2013

A West Virginia family was victorious this week in court after the jury awarded a $90.5 million verdict for the nursing home abuse and neglect of a family member that led to her death.

According to reports, Tom Douglas first filed the nursing home abuse lawsuit in 2010 on behalf of mother, 87-year-old Dorothy Douglas. The lawsuit was filed against Manor Care Inc., Heartland Employment Services LLC, HCR Manor Care Services Inc., and Health and Retirement Corporation of America LLC.

Per the court documents, the plaintiff alleged that his mother Dorothy suffered from severe nursing home abuse and neglect which led to life-threatening dehydration. Eventually, this lead to the victim being sent to hospice, where she died a little over a few weeks later.

After hearing the case, the jury determined that Heartland didn’t meet its obligation under state and federal to properly take care of the victim by violating the fiduciary responsibilities found in the Nursing Home Act. In addition, the presiding Kanawha County judge decided that the cap for damages only applied to one part of the case, awarding the family $80 million for the nursing home’s infractions and $11 million for the victim’s death.

The verdict came after an initial appeal in which the defendant stated that there were errors during the first trial involving the amount of the financial damages awarded. However, the plaintiff’s nursing home abuse attorney successfully blocked the appeal by reiterating that the damages amount were in the form of two separate counts, which legally falls under the Medical Professional Liability Act.


Widower Files Lawsuit After Alleging Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Following the Death of His Wife

A widower from Putnam County, West Virginia who claims his wife died because of the negligent care she received from a nursing home in the state, has filed a lawsuit against the facility.

Chester Rutan has filed a lawsuit naming Teays Valley nursing home and its parent company Genesis Healthcare in the lawsuit. He blames the center for allegedly causing his wife to deteriorate from neglect and abuse.

Loyce Rutan was a resident at the home for three months in 2012 when she died in September of that year. She was admitted to the center as she needed help with day to day activities and rehabilitation. Her husband alleges that the home were understaffed and had insufficient supplies to meet the needs of his now deceased wife. Moreover he claims that his wife fell a significant number of times while at the home and that staff failed to tell him and other family members about the woman’s deteriorating health.