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Nursing Home Abuse in Utah

Emotional Nursing Home Abuse Redefined in Utah

January 27, 2012

A new bill has been approved by the Utah House of Representatives that redefines what constitutes emotional nursing home abuse.

The article discussing this news appears on and highlights how the new definition of emotional abuse in nursing homes means that, for example, if an Alzheimer’s patients swears at a staff member this incident will not have to be reported to the state human services. The article says these incidents are handled directly by the nursing home and do not require state intervention.

However, this redefinition of emotional nursing home abuse brings up the question of what if a staff member is the one emotionally abusing a nursing home resident, through ridiculing them or otherwise–will these incidents’ not require a report being filed and sent to state authorities?

What is important in this discussion is that this redefinition is not so broad that is means abusive nursing home staff may not be held fully accountable for their actions.

Their are many forms of nursing home abuse–physical, emotional, sexual, etc. All forms of abuse are extremely harmful and any suspicions of abuse need to be reported immediately to the authorities. We also advise family of nursing home abuse victims to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.


Cancer Patient Dies from Alleged Chemo Overdose in Nursing Home

October 16th, 2012

Juan Lopez, a 65-year-old male, entered Riverdale Nursing Home in January 2009, for treatment of Stage IV colon cancer. His doctor prescribed him the chemotherapeutic medication, Xeloda. On February 16, 2009, he became dehydrated and was transported to Montefiore Medical Center. He underwent treatment, but could not be saved. He died April 7, 2009.

Lopez’s estate sued Riverdale for negligently administering toxic overdoses of Xeloda and failure to timely detect the effects of the overdose. They claimed that the nurse failure to properly transcribe the prescription prescribed by the doctor. Defense counsel claimed that Lopez’s death was a result of his cancer. A pretrial settlement was agreed upon, and Riverdale Nursing Home paid $900,000 to Lopez’s estate.

Citizens Sign Petition to Have Action Taken in Nursing Home Abuse Scandal

June 29, 2012

Rhode Island citizens have come together asking their state attorney general to take action against a nursing home that was the alleged site of recent sexual nursing home abuse.

The scandal involves a patient being sexually abused by her two daughters at Hebert Nursing Home. No criminal charges were filed in the case. A spokesperson for Hebert says the charges were reviewed by prosecutors who chose not to take action.

A spokesperson for the attorney general says they need more evidence in the case to pursue criminal charges.

The nurses who came forward to report the abuse allege they were unfairly targeted by the nursing home and had their hours cut. They have since filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the nursing home.

A petition was signed by hundreds of citizens and delivered to the attorney general by the nurses who reported the abuse. The woman accused of the abuse have denied the allegations against them.

Often times in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect it is ordinary people speaking out that help brings these problems to light. A nursing home abuse attorney is also a vital component in bringing abusers and negligent nursing homes to justice.