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Two German Nursing Home Workers Accused of Nursing Home Abuse and Torture

June 23, 2012

Two workers at a German nursing home have been accused of killing a resident and abusing and torturing others under their care. An investigation into the accusations is underway.

Co-workers at the nursing home came forward to report the alleged nursing home abuse of patients and death of one resident. The two men are also accused of stealing residents’ belongings and medications from the nursing home.

One of the accused workers was reportedly seen removing a breathing tube from a patient and asking the person how he liked not having any air. The same worker also allegedly purposely cut a resident for not holding still while he was being shaved.

The other worker confessed to performing surgery on a resident with no anesthesia saying he thought he could do it better than a surgeon. He is also accused of killing a resident by giving the person an overdose of morphine.

Nursing home abuse stories such as this are very disturbing and highlight the need to protect the defenseless in nursing homes. If you know of abuse or neglect in a nursing home contact the authorities right away. You may also wish to consult with a nursing home abuse attorney if a family member was abused.