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Swedish Nursing Home Waited Days to Report Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuse

A Swedish nursing home is reported to have waited five days before reporting alleged abuse.  Apparently, they waited five days before calling police about a possible sexual assault – one of the worst kinds of nursing home abuse. 

Nursing Home Abuse Goes Unreported

According to reports, an Alzheimer’s patient was sexually assaulted by another nursing home resident.  The alleged perpetrator – a man in his 80’s – has denied the allegations.

The victim’s family was not immediately informed of the incident.  Once informed, the victim’s husband asked a manager at the nursing home to move his wife to another area of the facility.  He was told that would not be necessary.  The woman and her alleged abuser are currently still in the same department of the nursing home.  The facility claims that they cannot divulge information about the other resident due to privacy policies. 

While he denies the allegations, a court has ordered the alleged perpetrator to undergo an exam by psychiatrists before the conclusion of his trial.

Get Help with Suspected Abuse 

Nursing home abuse of any kind is unacceptable.  But sexual assault – either between residents or between a resident and a staff member – is particularly heinous.  Sadly, is not uncommon.

If you or a loved one are a victim of sexual abuse or any other form of nursing home abuse, contact police right away.  Next, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what legal options you can take to protect your rights.  At Nursing Home Abuse Center, we can help you ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you have every opportunity to pursue justice.  

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