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Story of Nursing Home Abuse

May 14, 2012

The following email came into our site recently which emphasizes the importance of documenting nursing home abuse with pictures, etc. prior to contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer:

Here’s how my father spent the last ten weeks of his life.

Herded from the hospital to the nursing home with literally minutes’ notice.Having to eat pureed or thickened food for a week while waiting for a swallow evaluation to be done. Having dementia and being drugged with Seroquel.

Finding other patients in his room. MOLST form for end-of-life instructions not signed by a doctor yet put on Comfort Care.

All staff on the floor taking break at the same time.

Other patients going through his personal things.

Not being cleaned or shaven. Some clothes missing or mixed with other patients, some woman’s, when returned from being washed.

Bed sores that only seemed to get worse. Taking days to repair his wheel chair. Misdiagnosed sprained wrist that was actually a bacterial infection that went untreated for days.

He died of respiratory failure 2 days later.

Email to Ombudsman with no reply.

We tried to get him transferred. We also met with the Director of Social Work at the home to voice our concerns. My father hated it there and couldn’t understand why he was being treated this way. He tried to escape twice.

I have complete POA for both parents and the home has this on record. When my mother began receiving third party bills for dad’s care I wanted to see his medical records. The home suggested that any bills in question could be sent to them for review. I kindly refused and
they sent me an 18 page form to complete for his records.

Here’s basically what two different lawyers told me. “No pictures or
autopsy, no case”, “Any potential recovery may be consumed by Medicare/Medicaid”

If anyone has a loved one in a nursing facility and sees something
that’s not right…..take pictures, take pictures, take pictures.

–Paul Pacelli