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Staff Knew About Nursing Home Abuse, Allowed it to Continue

July 30, 2012

An aide at Crest View Nursing Home in New Lisbon, Wisconsin has been charged with abusing a resident. A police investigation into the alleged abuse revealed two certified nursing assistants had known about the ongoing abuse for six months.

One of the CNAs reported that she saw the aide squeeze the fingers of the 86-year-old resident really hard and spit in her face. The resident also reportedly told the CNA the aide pulls her hair.

The CNA also said the aide verbally and emotionally abused the resident, including taking a “comfort doll” from the resident for no reason.

When the alleged nursing home abuse was finally reported to the nursing home administrator, the administrator reported the allegations to the police. One CNA said she did not come forward sooner because the accused aide is “very intimidating”.

When we place a loved one in a nursing home we depend on the staff to thoroughly take care of them; and if abuse does occur we expect the police to be alerted immediately. If a nursing home’s negligence caused injury to you or a family member we advise you to contact a nursing home abuse attorney right away.