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Son Laments Leaving Father in Nursing Home After One of the Worst Cases of Nursing Home Abuse Emerges

April 29, 2014

When Chris Haywood had to make the agonizing decision to put his father into a nursing home he had no idea that after months of meticulous research the home that he had chosen would be at the center of one of the worst nursing home abuse cases in the UK.

Even worse news was to come when it emerged that his father had been one of the eight victims who had been abused and neglected by four care workers.

Before his father Ken was ravaged by dementia Chris Haywood relished his company, recalling him as honest, generous and full of integrity. Ken’s mental health had started to diminish slowly since 2008 and then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, he became completely unable to look after himself, forgetting things on a day to day basis including where he lived.

His wife of 50 years, Chris’ mother, could not care for him after suffering a back injury and his children, including Chris, lived too far away. Soon the painful choice was made to put Ken into a nursing home facility. His decision four years ago still haunts Chris to this day.

Adamant against going into a home Ken had to be sectioned under the mental health act sanctioned by the courts, in order for doctors to give Chris permission to place his father into the Hillcroft facility in the north of England.

The Hillcroft nursing home was highlighted as a shining pinnacle with exceptional standards of care and recommended by the social services as one of the best nursing homes in the area. Newly built the home boasted high levels of security including specially installed security doors and up to date safety measures. However in 2010 signs began to appear that all was not as it seemed and before long a catalog of torture emerged. By this time Ken’s illness had reached such a level that he was not able to speak therefore unable to communicate the horrendous acts of physical abuse that were inflicted onto him and the 7 other victims.

Ken was kicked, slapped, flicked and dragged from his bed. He was left with marks, cuts and bruises. One day Chris saw that his father had a broken toenail – which later would emerge was as a result of one of the attackers stamping on his foot. Chris saw workers sitting around not helping patients in need. On this occasion he complained but to no avail. When two whistleblowers told the police what was going on a full investigation was launched and the four former caregivers were charged and jailed for their heinous crimes.

Ken died in 2012. And to this day Chris deeply regrets his decision to leave his father for what would be the remainder of his days in the care of those who he thought would show his father love and compassion.
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