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Sexual Nursing Home Abuse Was Covered Up by Nursing Home Owner

June 14, 2011

Investigations into the previously reported nursing home abuse at Rostrevor home in Dublin, Ireland are now revealing that the sexual abuse of elderly women at the home by a male nurse was covered up by the owner of the nursing home.

The owner is reported to have not notified police or any authorities after staff reported that a male nurse was getting into bed with elderly female residents. The alleged sexual abuser is said to have exposed himself to the residents and sexually abused them.

The nursing home owner apparently let the alleged abuser continue working unsupervised, which allowed for further sexual abuse of residents.

When the alleged abuser was eventually fired from the home, the owner is said to have given him fake references for nursing jobs where he would work with elderly people, opening up the possibility for further abuse.

The nursing home owner’s family says the allegations are not true.

Sexual nursing home abuse is a very traumatic form of abuse. If your loved one reports that he or she has been abused at their nursing home take the allegations seriously and contact the police immediately. You should also contact a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you receive some justice for these terrible acts.