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Nursing Home Abuse in Rhode Island

Sexual Nursing Home Abuse Reported in Rhode Island

February 10, 2012

Two woman are accused of sexually abusing their elderly mother in her Rhode Island nursing home. A registered nurse at the facility reported the sexual nursing home abuse to police but said the nursing home was not doing anything about the allegations.

The two daughters of the nursing home resident, both in their 60s, deny the charges. The case was investigated by the attorney general’s office, but insufficient evidence was found at the time to move forward with prosecutions.

The Rhode Island Health Department instructed the nursing home to retrain staff on what constitutes nursing home abuse or neglect and how to stop the problem if it is discovered.

Abuse in nursing homes is unfortunately all too common, with abusers preying on the vulnerable. We all need to be vigilant about recognizing nursing home abuse or neglect when it happens and reporting the situation to police immediately. We also encourage you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to possibly pursue legal action.


Nursing Home Abuse Whistleblowers Sue for Unfair Treatment

May 25, 2012

Three former nurses at Hebert Nursing Home in Rhode Island are suing the nursing home for unfair treatment, including being fired or forced to quit, after they reported the sexual nursing home abuse of an elderly female resident with Alzheimer’s.

The nurses reported that the elderly resident was being repeatedly sexually abused by her two daughters. Under threat from government agencies that the nursing home’s Medicare and Medicaid provider status would be removed the, the nursing home formed a corrective action plan but never admitted to the abuse.

The nurses claim that after they reported the abuse they were subjected to harassment, cut back hours, pressure to change their statements, suspensions, and either being fired or being forced to quit.

The lawsuit claims the nursing home violated the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act which protects workers from discrimination and termination if they report violations of laws or regulations.

We encourage our visitors to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer if you or a loved one was a victim of any form of nursing home abuse or neglect.