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Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania

Three Arrested in Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Case

April 7, 2011

Three workers at the Quadrangle nursing home in Haverford, Pennsylvania who were caught on camera abusing an elderly woman with dementia have been arrested. The family of the victim installed a hidden camera in the woman’s room after they suspected nursing home abuse.

Video from the hidden camera shows one worker hitting the elderly woman in the face and head while trying to pull a shirt over her head. Video also shows the dementia patient without a shirt on, trying to cover herself as the three workers taunted her and pull at her ears, which were very sensitive without her hearing aids. The victim is also shown trying to leave the room repeatedly but being pulled back by the workers.

Among the charges against the workers are aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy, harassment, and neglect of a care-dependent person.

The family of the victim, who has noticed bruises on the elderly woman in the past, say she has suffered lasting physical issues from the abuse.

Victims and family members of those abused in nursing homes are encouraged to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as they suspect abuse.


Third Person Guilty in Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse

March 25, 2013

A Pennsylvania woman was found guilty last week of nursing home abuse, making her the third person involved in the abuse of an 80-year-old elderly resident at a Blairsville County nursing home.

According to court documents, Diane Frye, 62, has been charged with failure to attend to resident Kenneth McGuire while he was under her care at the Warner’s Home for the Aged. Mcguire was admitted to a local hospital on Nov. 5, 2011. Frye admitted that she only looked in on the victim that day and didn’t physically check on him, and he was later found on the floor with a cut on his arm. He was lying unconscious beside his dresser on top of his oxygen tank. His bed was completely soiled. He was taken to a hospital later that day.

Mcguire died on the Nov. 17; only 12 days after being admitted to the hospital.

Two other women, Marjory Koch, 44, and Sherry Jo Warner, 65, were previously found guilty for the same case. Warner, the owner, had her license revoked, while Koch, an aide, is scheduled for sentencing next month.

Frye is scheduled to be sentenced on June 7. Along with criminal charges, the defendants could possibly face civil charges if the victim’s loved ones hire a nursing home abuse attorney and file a civil suit.

According to the state Attorney’s General Office, Frye is now facing a $10,000 fine and up to five years in prison.


Possible Nursing Home Abuse Leads Pennsylvania Family to Have Body Exhumed

February 18, 2011

The family of a deceased nursing home resident believes they were lied to about the man’s cause of death and are having his body exhumed for an autopsy. The family’s suspicions were raised after finding out the man died on the same day as two other residents at Juniper Village nursing home in Forest Hills, PA, and after learning several residents and staff members became sick the same day.

The man’s death certificate says the cause of death was a heart attack. However, the family says they got conflicting stories about the man’s death and there was a delay in the nursing home calling them after the man died.

Kim Bogesdorfer, the deceased man’s daughter, says if the autopsy shows that her father died from negligence on the part of the nursing home she will file a lawsuit.

“My concern is what happened, why did it happen and could my father’s death been prevented,” said Bogesdorfer.

If you or a loved one are a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, or if you suspect abuse or neglect, we urge you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately.


Pennsylvania Nursing Home Has License Revoked After Nursing Home Abuse

April 29, 2011

Quadrangle Assisted Living Community in Haverford, Pennsylvania has had its license to operate revoked following an investigation by the Department of Public Welfare that found “gross incompetence, negligence and misconduct” on the part of the nursing home and their parent company.

After a family suspected their relative was being abused at the facility they placed a hidden camera in the resident’s room which brought the nursing home abuse to light. Three employees of the nursing home were subsequently arrested for their role in the abuse, which prompted the investigation by the Department of Public Welfare.

The revocation of the Quadrangle’s license will be made final in 11 days, during which time the nursing home can appeal the decision.

Important to note in this case is that the victim’s family played a critical role in noticing signs of abuse and acting upon their suspicions by placing a hidden camera in their loved one’s room. This highlights the need for loved one’s of nursing home residents to be on the lookout for signs of abuse.

If you suspect a loved one is being abused in a nursing home you should alert authorities immediately and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.


Pennsylvania Family Sues After Nursing Home Abuse

May 5, 2011

A Pennsylvania family is suing the parent company of Quadrangle Nursing Home in Haverford, Pennsylvania after installing a hidden camera and catching their relative being abused by nursing home workers.

The family is seeking punitive damages saying they reported their suspicions of abuse to Quadrangle management but were not taken seriously. Management said the claims of nursing home abuse were unfounded even after the family noticed bruising on their relative.

Following the family’s allegations, three workers were charged with abuse. Quadrangle also had its license to operate revoked after the Department of Public Welfare found the nursing home to be incompetent and negligent.

The family of the alleged victim say they contacted a nursing home abuse lawyer and are suing the parent company of Quadrangle in hopes that they will take future allegations of abuse more seriously.

“Maybe the next family that reports it, they’ll do something about it, rather than come back and say it’s her dementia,” said Paul French, son-in-law of the alleged victim.


Pennsylvania Aide Receives Probation for Nursing Home Abuse

July 17, 2013

A Blair County, Pennsylvania aide who cooperated with authorities after a nursing home abuse incident involving a Korean War veteran, received a probation sentence this week in a Blair County courthouse.

According to reports, 44-year-old Marjorie Koch was one of the several former workers charged with nursing home abuse and neglect that led to the untimely death of 80-year-old Kenneth ‘Slim” Mcguire. Koch worked at the Warner’s Home for the Aged, where Mcguire was a resident.

In July of 2011, Mcguire received treatment for a sore on his leg at the Bons Secour Wound Clinic. When Mcguire was released and sent back to the nursing home, documents revealed that the owner of the nursing home, Sherry Jo Warner, didn’t provide her staff members with the adequate training in order to take care of Mcguire during his healing process. Koch was one of the workers assigned to take care of Mcguire. She testified that she was never given the proper training on how to take care of the victim’s wounds. As a result, he died shortly after.

Koch, who cooperated with authorities from the beginning of the investigation, was given three years probation and a $400 fine.

If your loved one has been victim to nursing home abuse and/or neglect, keep in mind an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can assist you. Nursing home abuse lawyers have helped numerous clients win the the justice they’re entitled to. Call today for a free consultation.


Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Case

October 13, 2011

The children of a Pennsylvania nursing home resident have filed a lawsuit against Sunrise Senior Living Inc. after catching their mother’s nursing home abuse on hidden camera.

The elderly woman who was abused is 78-years-old and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

The family installed the hidden camera in the woman’s nursing home room after her complaints of abuse were ignored by the nursing home.

The nursing aids caught abusing the elderly woman face assault and neglect charges and are currently awaiting trial.

Sunrise Senior Living, which operates more than 300 facilities, says it expected the lawsuit.

A nursing home abuse lawyer will play the important roll of holding Sunrise Senior Living responsible for their negligence in this case. Please contact a nursing home abuse attorney in your area if you or a family member was abused or neglected in a nursing home.

This case highlights how a hidden camera can be a vital tool in the fight against nursing home abuse.


Hidden Cameras Catch Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania

December 13, 2012

Hidden cameras have become a reliable source of information lately for the family of loved ones in a nursing home. In a recent investigation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two former workers were caught red-handed in a nursing home abuse incident that has led to criminal charges.

According to investigators, two former workers at the Bucks County nursing home were caught manhandling, pushing, and a taunting a patient. The daughter of the patient hid a camera after complaints of abuse. As a result, 20-year-old Regina Battles and 22-year-old Irene Rodriguez have not only lost their jobs at the nursing home, but have been charged with simple assault and battery, reckless endangerment of an elderly person, and neglect of care of a dependant person.

The former workers have retained an attorney who claims that the defendants were not out of line:

“I understand the victim’s family seeing it in a way that they’re perceiving it. II completely understand that. But I also believe that if an objective person looked at it, it could be perceived in a different way.”

Both Battles and Rodriguez turned themselves in and are facing a $100,000 bail each. They may also face civil charges should the victim’s family retain a nursing home abuse attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit.


Power of Attorney and Nursing Home Abuse

April 2, 2012

A recent story on a Pennsylvania news channel website reported the story of an elderly nursing home resident who was robbed of $379,000 by her power of attorney nephew.

The financial nursing home abuse occurred at Arden Court Nursing Home in Susquehanna Township. The alleged abuser is accused of taking nearly all of his great aunt’s money from social security checks and her pension.

The financial elder abuse was noticed by nursing home staff when the victim’s payment were past due. The victim is an 89-year-old former teacher who now has Alzheimer’s disease.

Officials say picking a power of attorney is something one should do far in advance to avoid making a potentially bad decision.

The District Attorney said these types of financial crimes against the elderly are happening more and more frequently.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you and your family if any type of nursing home abuse or neglect becomes an issue in your lives.