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PBS to Air Nursing Home Abuse Special

July 30, 2013

Although advertisements lead families and friends to believe that their loved ones will be well-taken care of in nursing homes, the truth of the matter is that an array of nursing home abuse and neglect cases are reported regularly. FRONTLINE and Propublica have taken a personal look into the matter. Their investigative journalism project entitled “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” takes an in-depth look at several cases of abuse.

In a four-part documentary beginning July 30, PBS’ FRONTLINE shows viewers the darker sides of nursing homes and how much of the abuse is overlooked or covered up. Several other cases of abuse are being investigated, with hundreds of nursing home abuse cases currently pending in courts across the nation. Much of the abuse and neglect happens because the management of facilities fail to train employees, implement rules, and provide the kind of care that’s expected in nursing homes.

The documentary focuses specifically on the Emeritus Corporation. Based out of Seattle, Emeritus is one of the largest nursing home and assisted living companies in the nation. With over 400 facilities nationwide, the corporation made over a $1 billion last year alone. The problem, however, is that, like many other corporations, nursing home management companies have become more about money and less about quality care. In fact, Emeritus has already faced quite a few lawsuits for negligence and abuse.

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