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Ontario Nursing Home Abuse Prevention Task Force

May 19, 2012

An Ontario nursing home task force is recommending big changes to the elder care industry, all in an effort to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect. The group was formed after the Toronto Star newspaper uncovered severe abuse issues, including sexual assault, throughout Ontario’s nursing homes.

The plan to reform nursing home care involved surveying over 2,000 families, residents, staff and administrators of nursing homes in Ontario.

Among the calls to action in the report are special nursing homes for abusive residents, greater ease in terminating abusive or neglectful workers, and better training for dealing with residents who have behavioral issues.

The Ontario Health Minister says that any abuse or neglect is unacceptable. She went on to say nursing home leaders that she’s met with admit they have a problem and are determined to fix it.

A nursing home abuse attorney plays a key role in the fight against nursing home negligence and we invite you to contact a lawyer if you or a loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home.