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Ontario Nursing Home Abuse Inspectors Not Properly Trained

June 25, 2012

In response to new laws that require an increase of nursing home abuse inspections in Ontario, Ontario Public Service Employees Union says the government is trying to save money by not properly training inspectors.

The new nursing home inspection laws call for investigations into complaints and critical incidents, but OPSEU says inspectors trained for environmental and dietary issues are being asked to also review patient care records–an area they have not been trained in.

The president of OPSEU says these inspectors also have no experience in patient care software programs and have little knowledge of what they are looking at.

To further complicate the problem, nurses at nursing homes are being asked to do inspections they are unqualified for, such as environmental infection control, which falls under the expertise of environmental inspectors.

Overall, an increase in nursing home abuse and neglect complaints and a lack of inspectors in general has added up to a problematic start to fixing Ontario’s nursing home abuse issues.

Government action to nursing home complaints is important, but you should always check up on your loved ones in nursing homes to see if everything is going well. If you think abuse or neglect is occurring you should notify the authorities immediately and contact a qualified nursing home abuse attorney.