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Ontario Employees Suspended for Nursing Home Abuse

May 21, 2013

A total of four employees are suspended from an Ontario, Canada nursing home after the son of a resident turned in footage from a hidden camera he placed in his mother’s room.

According to police reports, Camille Parent, son of an 85-year-old resident of St. Joseph’s at Fleming, hid a camera in his mother’s room after suspecting both neglect and abuse. The results, per Parent, were shocking.

Over a three-week time span, Parent’s mother, Hellen Macdonald, suffered nursing home abuse on several different occasions. In one clip, a nursing home employee shoves a rag covered with feces into the victim’s mouth. On another occasion, a staff member blows her nose on Macdonald’s bed sheets before making up the bed with the soiled linens. In yet another instance, a staff member changed the victim’s diaper while the doors were wide open.

The footage was shown to the CEO of the nursing home who would only say that what he saw was shocking. However, all four employees involved in the abuse are suspended while a formal investigation takes place.

This isn’t the first time Canada has been in the hot seat for nursing home abuse. A recent news investigation performed by W5 revealed that at least 10,000 Canadian nursing home residents were victims of abuse in only one year alone.

Parent, who plans to hire his own attorney and open an independent investigation, hopes that the footage of his mother will raise awareness of just how bad nursing home abuse is.

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