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Nursing Home Complaint Center Takes on Discovering Wrongful Death as Top Priority

October 31, 2012

The Nursing Home Complaint Center (NHCC), an organization that centers around preventing nursing home abuse, has focused its attention on finding nursing home patients that have been victims to septic shock or wrongful deaths. In an investigation aimed at every city in the nation, NHCC is determined to identify nursing home patients that are needlessly neglected, leading to septic shock and/or death. According to NHCC, there are a multitude of nursing home patients across the United States who are not getting the care they are entitled to:

“We believe needless sepsis infections, septic shock, or wrongful death in our nation’s nursing homes are at epidemic levels, and we want to hear from family members who have proof the sick, or deceased family member was mistreated, or not treated at all-with the result being a wrongful death, or they are now in a ICU at a hospital.”

NHCC believes the neglect and abuse stems from shortage of nursing home staff, along with failure to comply with Medicaid and Medicare’s national standards. Since Medicare and Medicaid is a huge business, boasting close to $60 million annually, NHCC also feels that fraudulent activity runs rampant, and that nursing homes are one of the first to take the hit whether through understaffing, or not providing the required medical equipment, food, clothing, and furniture to the residents.

Families and loved ones of nursing home abuse victims are encouraged to also seek the assistance of a nursing home abuse lawyer