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Nursing Home Abuse Related Bedsore Fatality Was Preventable

July 22, 2012

In 2009, in Dingwall, Highland, 86-year-old Jasemina Mckenzie, was diagnosed with bedsores while residing at the Wyvis House nursing home. A short month later she died as a result of blood poisoning.

Sheriff Alasdair Lorne MacFadyen, of the Dingwall Sheriff’s Office has since followed up on the case, and stated that had accurate care and monitoring been provided by the nursing home, Mckenzie’s death could have been prevented. In addition, MacFayden stated that the general practitioner had a responsibility to routinely check up on Mckenzie and monitor her bed sores, which he failed to do.

Because of his findings, a Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (FAI) was opened. After several years of investigations and court proceedings, Mckenzie’s death was determined to be preventable under the laws of FAI. In response, the Dingwall Medical Group stated:

“We note the Fatal Accident Inquiry determination. We are sorry for any suffering endured by the late Miss Mackenzie and for any distress caused to her family by the circumstances surrounding her death. We will carefully consider the determination and Sheriff MacFadyen’s recommendations. We strive to provide the best possible care at all times and if lessons require to be learned or changes to practice made then we will endeavour to address the issues raised.”

This is not a rare occurrence in the UK. In fact, in Scotland alone, elderly citizens are suffering from nursing home abuse and neglect in number records, and although the case involving Mckenzie is now three years old, the incident has not stopped fatalities such as these from occurring, even though many could have and can be prevented. In 2010, according to the Scottish Government, at least 78 people had died solely because of bed sores and pressure sores within the past five years. In addition, close to 566 cases in which death had occurred had “bed sores” mentioned as one of the contributing factors of death.

Education and awareness continues to spread about bed sores and nursing home abuse. If a loved one has suffered from this abuse, a professional nursing home abuse attorney is highly recommended so that you can understand your rights and have a fighting chance in winning what you rightfully deserve. Nursing home abuse lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle these highly sensitive and emotionally, time, and energy-consuming ordeals, and will help you in every step of the process.