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Nursing Home Abuse Concerns Raised as Elderly Woman Dies in Fire

May 12, 2012

The family of a west Belfast, Ireland nursing home resident are still looking for answers after the elderly woman died in a fire that began in her room. The family says the woman’s room was fitted with smoke detectors which should have allowed for her rescue.

The family also says her bed was equipped with an alarm that would sound if the woman got up from her bed. Instead the woman died in the fire. Now her family is looking into nursing home abuse issues such as neglect that could have led to her death.

The elderly woman was a smoker and it might have very well been that one of her cigarettes started the blaze. However, the woman was not allowed to have cigarettes in her room, which has further led the family to question how well she was supervised and if the nursing home’s negligence indeed led to her death.

Nursing home negligence leading to the death of a resident is not uncommon. We urge family of residents to be watchful for signs of abuse or neglect and report any such suspicions to authorities immediately. You should also seek the counsel of a nursing home abuse lawyer to go over your legal options.