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Nursing Home Abuse in Montana

Montana Woman Charged with Financial Nursing Home Abuse

January 26, 2011

A Montana woman faces a charge of felony elder abuse for stealing money from an elderly nursing home resident.

The 82-year old victim suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia. The woman accused of this financial form of nursing home abuse was appointed as the man’s power of attorney, but given the man’s poor mental health he did not have the ability to consent.

The man was behind on payments to his nursing home, Park Place Health Care Center in Great Falls, Montana, and was interviewed by Adult Protective Services but was not aware there was a problem. The woman is accused of taking over $11,500 from the man’s bank accounts.

A caseworker who interviewed the woman said the woman used the money, which came from the elderly man’s Social Security benefits and pension, to care for her two children.

Financial abuse of nursing home residents is a common form of nursing home abuse. If you think you or a loved one is a victim of any form of nursing home abuse you are advised to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately.


Montana Woman Charged with Assisted Living Abuse at Veterans’ Home

May 30, 2013

A Glendive, Montana woman has been charged this week with assisted living abuse after reportedly abusing at least four males at a local assisted living home for veterans.

According to reports, Susan Stablefeldt was arraigned this Tuesday at the Glendive District Court for the abuse of four veterans at the Eastern Montana Veterans Home; a home for disabled veterans who suffer from dementia.

The abuse started earlier this year on January 29, when Nursing Director Christy Kemp informed authorities that several men at the assisted living home complained that Stablefeldt was assaulting them.

In one particular incident, one of the victims stated that Stablefeldt pinned him down and held while mouth while telling him to “ shut-up.” Another victim’s arm was twisted behind his back, and yet another one was slapped across the face. Each allegation was backed by co-workers who happened to witness the incidents.

When police interviewed Stablefeldt, she claimed she didn’t mean to cause harm to anyone and that her recent stress may have played a part in the abuse. In addition, she said that every incident of abuse was her way of defending herself after the victims physically grabbed her. She claimed she felt threatened and did what she did only to protect herself.

However, per Parker Powell, CEO of Montana Health Network, the management company of the assisted living facility, each and every allegation of abuse is dealt with immediately:

“We have a strict policy in place to ensure abuse or any kind of mistreatment does not happen to our long-term care residents. Any employee who violates our policy and standard of care is subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal and possible criminal prosecution,” Parker told a local newspaper.

Stabelfeldt was a contractor via the Montana Health Network. She was placed in the wing of the facility that typically housed veterans with moderate to severe dementia.

Keep in mind that if you or a loved one have been victim to assisted living abuse, an experienced attorney may be able to help you win damages for pain, suffering, and more. Nursing home abuse attorneys have helped numerous clients win maximum financial compensation. Call today for a free consultation.


Nursing Home Abuse Involving Stealing Patient Medications

May 13, 2012

A worker at Goldstone Assisted Living Home in Great Falls, Montana is accused of routinely stealing medications from patients. The residents were reportedly not getting proper medical care as a result of the woman’s theft.

The woman, who was already on probation for felony theft, was found to have in her possession hydrocodone and other prescription drugs. The official charges against the nursing home worker are criminal possession of dangerous drugs and elder abuse.

The accused woman reportedly admitted stealing medication since she was hired at the nursing home about six months ago. She is being held in jail on $10,000 bail.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms. It is not uncommon to have drug addicts in nursing homes stealing medications causing residents unnecessary pain, health problems, and even death from a lack of proper medicine. You should consult with a nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect abuse or neglect in a nursing home. These specialized attorneys can help you get justice during this very difficult time.