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Nursing Home Abuse in Mississippi

Two Mississippi Women Sentenced for Exploitation and Conspiracy Against The Elderly

August 13, 2013

Two Vicksburg, Mississippi women have been sentenced for nursing home abuse after pleading guilty in court this week to several counts of exploitation and conspiracy against the elderly.

According to reports, Angela Palmer, 44, and Lee Martin 38, worked together to steal more than $100,000 from the Vicksburg Convalescent Center and the Shady Lawn Health and Rehab. Martin worked as a business coordinator at both nursing homes. A total of 83 residents at both facilities were victims of theft. While Martin was the mastermind behind the majority of thefts, Palmer also played a hand in helping her.

One of the residents at Vicksburg Convalescent Center happened to be a relative of Palmer’s. When Palmer found out that Martin was stealing from her loved one, she decided to join in and assist her instead of reporting the incident.

Soon after, the missing money began to surface and an investigation began, which resulted in officials confronting Martin. Although she was shown evidence, including photos and receipts of the theft, it didn’t seem to bother her at all. In fact, according to the prosecutor of the trial, Martin didn’t show any emotion at all.

Consequently, Martin has been sent to prison, where she will remain until she pays back the entire amount of money stolen. If she still has not paid the funds back after 15 years of time served, she’ll be able to fulfill her remaining time on probation and house arrest.

For her part in the crimes, Palmer was given five years probation and a substantial amount of fines.

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More on Alleged Mississippi Nursing Home Abuse Case

February 5, 2012

Since the report on alleged nursing home abuse at Brandon Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Mississippi more people have come forward saying residents have been abused or neglected at the nursing home.

A former employee of the nursing home who chose to remain anonymous is speaking out saying she reported abuse at the home several times to supervisors but nothing was ever done. The woman worked at the facility for six weeks, often seeing patients treated cruelly and left in their own waste for extended periods of time.

The former worker at the facility says there are good people that work at the nursing home but the place needs to be inspected.

The daughter of a former resident at the nursing home has also come forward saying her father experienced a sharp decline in his condition after staying at the facility. She eventually felt compelled to remove her father from the nursing home. He died about six weeks later at home.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can play a pivotal role in bringing justice to nursing home abuse victims as well as help stop future abuse and neglect.


Mississippi Nursing Home Accused of Nursing Home Abuse

February 4, 2012

The daughter of a Dementia patient at Brandon Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center in Brandon, Mississippi is accusing the nursing home of abusing and neglecting her mother.

The woman has been told numerous times by the nursing home that her mother falls frequently. Most recently she was told her mother fell from her wheelchair and fractured her arm and eye and had to be hospitalized.

The elderly woman’s daughter has posted pictures on Facebook of her mother showing her very bruised face. She says she feels strongly that her mother is a victim of nursing home abuse.

Brandon Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center has declined to comment on the situation at this time, saying only that they are required to report any abuse or neglect to the Mississippi Department of Health and the Attorney General’s Office.

The family of the alleged victim say they have filed a formal complaint and plan to take legal action.

We advise all families that suspect a loved one had been a victim of abuse or neglect in their nursing home to notify the police immediately and contact a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your legal options.


Mississippi Nursing Home Abuse Bill Fails to Pass

February 16, 2011

A minimum nursing home liability insurance bill failed to pass the Mississippi House. The bill would have made it mandatory that nursing homes have a minimum $500,000 in liability insurance. The insurance bill would have financially helped victims of nursing home abuse or neglect should they file a lawsuit against a nursing home.

Mississippi nursing home and insurance companies won a tort reform battle that capped nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuits at $500,000. But the fact the Mississippi nursing homes are not required to have $500,000 in liability insurance means that some victims of nursing home abuse or neglect will not receive the financial compensation they deserve.

The failure of Mississippi legislators to pass such a needed nursing home liability bill is indeed unfortunate. However, when abuse and neglect in nursing homes is not reported the problem often becomes systemic.Therefore, Mississippians and victims and loved ones of nursing home abuse victims throughout the country are urged to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer if they suspect abuse or neglect.


Mississippi Nursing Assistant Found Guilty of Nursing Home Abuse

July 9, 2011

A nursing assistant at the Veterans Home in Collins, Mississippi has been found guilty of one count of abuse toward a vulnerable adult. The man was also tried for neglect but was found not guilty.

The nursing assistant was moving an elderly resident when the resident became combative and began swinging at the nursing assistant. Another nursing assistant followed proper procedure and left the combative resident alone while the initial assistant continued to struggle to position the resident in bed. This continued on until a pop was heard by the nursing assistant and the resident’s femur broke.

The nursing assistant admitted that if he had left the resident alone to calm down his leg would not have broke. He added that he did not break the man’s leg on purpose and that his training for dealing with combative resident’s was lacking.

The nursing assistant was ordered to pay $1,642.50 in fines for the nursing home abuse.

Although we trust nursing home staff to properly care for our loved ones, nursing home abuse and neglect are not uncommon throughout our country. If you have been abused in a nursing home, or if you know someone who has, we advise you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Elderly Mississippi Man Suffers Nursing Home Abuse

November 22nd, 2010

An 84-year-old man was allegedly a victim of nursing home abuse at the Pine Crest Guest Home in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. The daughter of the man claims he was attacked by a nursing home staff member and has pictures of the man’s bruised back.

“The director called one of my sisters and told her that they were going to take my dad to the hospital and have him checked out–that he had been hit,” Blanton said. “He’s got two distinct marks on his back where he was hit.”

Blanton said the nursing home later changed its story saying the man had been gently tapped on the behind. However, the nursing home immediately fired the woman who allegedly hit the elderly man.

Blanton said the attorney general’s office is investigating the matter, and she and her siblings are pressing criminal charges against the woman who allegedly attacked their father.

“I believe that they both should be held accountable–the nursing home and the person. We don’t want to see this happen again anywhere,” said Blanton.

Pine Crest Guest Home could not be reached for comment.