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Nursing Home Abuse in Michigan

Michigan Senate Approves Nursing Home Abuse Bill

November 5, 2011

A new bill aimed at better protecting Michigan nursing home residents from abuse and neglect was approved by the state senate and is also being supported by Governor Rick Snyder.

The overall purpose of the bill is described as an effort to highlight crimes against seniors as well as punish those that commit these crimes.

The bill aims to increase penalties for financial abuse against the elderly, such as embezzlement, and would also require nursing home workers to more thoroughly report abuse or neglect.

The bill also would require police departments to notify local media when nursing home residents are reported missing, in an effort to quickly notify the public about missing vulnerable citizens.

A nursing home abuse lawyer is also crucial in the fight against nursing home abuse as they hold nursing homes accountable for abuse or neglect. We encourage you to contact a nursing home abuse attorney if you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse.


Michigan Nursing Home Abuse

December 30, 2011

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press discusses the problem of proving nursing home abuse. Problems such as patients with failing memories–or altered memories as seen with Dementia patients–as well as uncooperative staff and injuries that have faded over time are just a few of the complications of proving what might have very well been abuse or neglect.

The article reveals that four out of five nursing homes in Michigan have been cited for abuse or neglect issues. However, the number of documented cases of actual abuse is much smaller than the high number of violations issued to nursing homes every year.

Serious violations can range from nursing home staff physically abusing or neglecting residents, to not doing enough to protect residents from other abusive residents.

In situations where you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected in his or her nursing home we urge you to report the problem to the nursing home administration immediately. If you believe your loved one is in serious danger do not hesitate to contact the police.

From there we advise you to speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer about possible legal action you can take against the nursing home.


Michigan Advocacy Group Fights for Tougher Laws Against Nursing Home Abuse

November 19, 2011

The Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, an advocacy group for disabled people, is speaking out against nursing home abuse in Michigan and fighting for tougher laws against nursing home abuse and neglect.

The group’s research into state inspection reports uncovered many examples of abuse and neglect, many of which that were not reported to the state.

The advocacy group is asking lawmakers to create tougher laws to ensure nursing homes and staff are held accountable when abuse is found. Furthermore, they are fighting for more stringent reporting of abuse and to keep problem employees from working at other nursing homes.

A nursing home abuse lawyer is also crucial in the fight to hold nursing homes responsible for abuse or neglect. We urge you to contact an nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your legal options if you or a loved one has been abused in a nursing home. This type of attorney is a specialist in the complicated issues of nursing home litigation.


Inspectors Find Nursing Home Abuse at Michigan Nursing Home

November 24, 2011

Federal inspectors recently placed the Borgess Gardens nursing home located near Kalamazoo, Michigan on the Special Focus Facilities list of the worst nursing homes in the country.

The nursing home faces losing Medicare and Medicaid funding if it does not correct its deficiencies.

Inspectors gave the nursing home a 4–the worst rating you can receive–in the areas of properly caring for special needs residents, protecting residents from medical errors, and protecting patients from nursing home abuse.

Borgess Gardens’ administrator describes the problems as isolated incidents but insists they are being taken very seriously.

Three staff members were subsequently fired after the investigation and a new administrator was hired.

We encourage any resident of a nursing home who has experienced any form of abuse or neglect to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. A nursing home abuse attorney is experienced in the complex issues of nursing home litigation and can help the victim and their family receive financial compensation for the nursing home’s negligence.


Nursing Home Workers Fired After Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

November 27, 2011

Three former workers who were fired from Whitehall Healthcare Center of Ann Arbor in Michigan after reporting nursing home abuse are now suing the nursing home saying their whistleblowing is what led to their termination.

The three certified nursing aids were each fired after reporting an incident of abuse at the nursing home. One CNA was fired after reporting an incident where a patient fell, and the other two were fired after reporting that maggots were found in a resident’s catheter region.

The former employees have filed the lawsuit under Michigan’s Whistleblower Protection Act. The lawsuit requests a jury trial and seeks compensation for money lost due to unemployment, mental and emotional distress, and other damages due to wrongful termination.

An attorney for the fired employees says it is important that nursing home workers file reports when abuse or neglect is found given that nursing home residents often cannot speak for themselves.

It is also important to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer if you or a loved one has experienced any sort of abuse or neglect in a nursing facility.


Report of Nursing Home Abuse Involving Maggots on Residents

November 3, 2011

Nursing home abuse inspections at two Michigan nursing homes conducted by the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services found maggots on two residents. The watchdog group says the state is not doing enough to stop such nursing home abuse.

One case involved maggots found around the catheter region of female resident. The woman was taken to a hospital where it was discovered she was additionally suffering from a broken hip.

Another case found maggots in a resident’s trach tube, obstructing the woman’s breathing. An emergency medical team had to be called and the maggots were suctioned out.

Representatives from the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services are speaking out saying these cases of abuse and neglect are not isolated incidents in Michigan; and once these cases of abuse are reported appropriate action is not taken by the state.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help victims of nursing home abuse and their families by taking legal action against nursing homes who have not properly taken care of residents.