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Man’s Death in China Caused by Severe Nursing Home Abuse

January 3rd, 2011

Chinese authorities in Hubei province are cracking down on rural nursing homes with increased inspections after an elderly man died from severe nursing home abuse.

A staff member at Taohe Nursing Home allegedly hung the elderly man upside down overnight in freezing temperatures. An autopsy showed that the man died from frost and starvation.

The staff member and resident, who suffered from mental illness, had reportedly been arguing prior to the abuse. The staff member had said the resident died of coronary heart disease, but an investigation prompted by the elderly man’s nephew showed abuse as the cause of death.

The provincial department of civil affairs is responding by conducting random examinations of the management in rural nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse is a problem faced by elderly people and their loved ones throughout the world. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, knowing the signs of nursing home abuse and frequently visiting your loved one are key to combating this alarming problem. If you suspect abuse or neglect you should notify authorities and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately.