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Nursing Home Abuse in Louisiana

Louisiana Woman Arrested for Nursing Home Theft

May 23, 2013

A Slidell, Louisiana nursing home employee was arrested this week and charged with stealing jewelry from elderly residents. Per Louisiana State law, stealing valuables from aged adults is a form of financial exploitation and considered nursing home abuse.

According to Slidell police, 52-year-old Stephanie Ducre, an employee at a local nursing home, reportedly stole several pieces of jewelry, then sold them at an area pawn shop. One of the victims, a female resident in the nursing home, filed a complaint after noticing several jewelry pieces missing from room. The missing jewelry belonged her deceased husband.

Detectives began to investigate and determined that Durce sold several items at a Slidell pawn shop, including jewelry and a digital camera. After photographing the jewelry found at the pawn shop, detectives asked residents at the nursing home if any of the pieces looked familiar. Three additional victims came forward, picking out the photos of the jewelry that belonged to them.

The majority of the jewelry has been recovered, but there are still some pieces missing, according to police. Since those items have yet to be found, police speculate they may have already been melted down into scrap gold.

Durce remains in the St. Tammany Parish Jail on a $25,000 bond. She’s been charged with four counts each of theft by fraud, exploitation of the infirm, and theft of assets of an aged person.

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Louisiana Medicare Cuts and Nursing Home Abuse

April 14, 2012

The state of Louisiana will receive a $20.3 Million reduction in Medicare funding, and as nursing home owners look to make up for the loss, cuts to staffing and overall patient care are a concern.

The cuts may have a particularly harsh effect in Louisiana where approximately three out of every four nursing home patients have their bills paid by Medicare and Medicaid.

Nursing home advocacy groups argue that these cuts to funding directly affect the quality of care that nursing home residents receive as nursing home owners often try to counteract the loss in Medicare funding by reducing the number of staff and direct nursing hours that patients receive. The outcome can be patients suffering nursing home abuse and neglect.

Florida nursing homes will receive $60.5 million in Medicare cuts, the largest in the country.

As issues such as Medicare cuts may lead to greater neglect and abuse in nursing homes we need to be vigilant in the fight against nursing home abuse. We strongly advise anyone who suspects abuse or neglect to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss what legal action you can take.


Louisiana Family Accuses Local Nursing Home of Nursing Home Abuse

March 6, 2013

A nursing home abuse case is under investigation after a family in Lafayette, Louisiana has accused a local nursing home of abusing 93-year-old Chester Isaac “Pee-Wee” Broussard. Broussard, a former popular accordion player, is now a resident of a Lafayette nursing home.

According to reports, the suspicions started after Broussard had bruises on his body over several months. In addition, he had a black eye and a bloody nose. Betty Broussard, the victim’s daughter, stated that the nursing home claims that Chester fell. However, she took photos for evidence as she feels the nursing home simply made an excuse as a cover-up.

“They said he might have fallen. I said no way because if he had fallen they would have had to get him up because he can’t maneuver at all. He can’t get himself up he can’t do anything,” Betty said in a recent statement.

Family members are worried that someone at the nursing home is responsible. Yet until the investigation is complete, the name of the nursing home will not be released. Meanwhile, the family remains concerned over their loved one and the nursing home abuse he may have suffered.

A specific nursing home employee been identified by the family as the main culprit. However, when a local television station, KATC, attempted to ask the worker about the allegations, there were no answers given.

If charged, the employee could not only face criminal charges, but civil charges as well if the family decides to retain the services of a nursing home abuse attorney and file for personal damages.