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Inspectors Find Nursing Home Abuse at British Nursing Home

September 9, 2011

St. Theresa’s Care Centre, located in Callington, a town in Cornwall, England was found by inspectors to be guilty of severe nursing home neglect, with residents not receiving enough food, drink, or medical attention. Most of the residents had also not been bathed in a month.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission made a surprise visit to the nursing home and had to take immediate action to make sure the residents were out of danger.

In addition to residents not having adequate food and drink, inspectors found that when residents rang their bell for assistance staff were slow to assist them and sometimes did not arrive at all.

Staff at the nursing home say the neglect is due to a shortage of workers at the facility. Inspectors also found the staff to be under-trained.

St. Theresa’s Care Centre has responded by saying they apologize for their failings and since the day of the inspection they have put in place a thorough action place to fix their issues of nursing home abuse.

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