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Emeritus in Spotlight for Nursing Home Abuse

July 31, 2013

In their premiere 4-part documentary on nursing home abuse, Propublica, along with PBS’ FRONTLINE, target Emeritus, a giant corporation responsible for hundreds of nursing homes across the nation.

Both FRONTLINE and Propublica spent an entire year investigating nursing homes, with the primary focus on the Emeritus Corporation. Emeritus manages 482 nursing homes spread throughout the country, making it responsible for around 42,000 residents.

Last year, Emeritus was sued for nursing home abuse and wrongful death. A jury found the company guilty, awarding the plaintiffs $23 million. Although this particular case received national exposure, there are several other instances of neglect and abuse alleged against Emeritus that hasn’t received as much attention. For example, the company has had more allegations than most other nursing home companies for infractions such as staffing shortages, neglect of ill residents, and at least 24 other deaths that are questionable. In addition, investigative journalists learned that Emeritus has a record of admitting extremely frail and sick residents who aren’t able to successfully live in a nursing home setting.

On other occasions, several residents suffering from incontinence were left waiting in urine-soaked diapers. One resident who suffers from both dementia and incontinence, was consistently allowed to urinate in a hallway without being assisted.

Although Emeritus denies abuse and claims the issues were isolated, the documentary points out a plethora of abuse and neglect cases which seems to be becoming a trend in nursing homes.

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