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County Discusses Nursing Home Abuse and Elder Abuse

June 18, 2012

The small county of Rockingham in North Carolina recently came together to discuss the topics of nursing home abuse and elder abuse in light of Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

This is the county’s second annual conference on the topic of abuse of the elderly. The small county has a large population of senior citizens and has seen a large share of elder abuse.

Elder abuse issues range from nursing home staff abusing residents or residents abusing other residents to family members taking advantage of their elderly relative through physical abuse and other forms of neglect and abuse.

On the topic of nursing home abuse, the regional long-term ombudsman encouraged people to speak up and report abuse if they know about it. The ombudsman told the crowd that nursing homes must report the abuse with 24 hours and then undergo a five-day investigation.

A county detective said that 20,000 cases of elder abuse were reported in North Carolina over the past year, with an estimation that for every case reported 14 cases of abuse are never brought to light.

The main message of the day was reporting abuse or neglect if you see it, and if you are being abused you are not alone, don’t be afraid to report the abuse to the authorities.

We also remind you that contacting a nursing home abuse attorney is a good way to help fight nursing home abuse and bring about justice.