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Nursing Home Abuse in Colorado

Colorado Nursing Home Investigated for Sexual Nursing Home Abuse

February 11, 2011

Two elderly residents at the Elms Haven Care and Rehabilitation Center in Colorado were possibly sexually abused leading to an investigation of sexual nursing home abuse. A male worker at the facility was fired after the two female roommates showed signs of sexual abuse.

Police are currently unsure whether sexual abuse happened, but a rape kit was used and police are waiting on other test results. The alleged victims are both noted as having “cognitive deficits.”

“We have and will continue to fully cooperate with authorities until the investigation is complete,” said Elms Haven Administrator Stacey Alexander.

The nursing home also says they do criminal background checks of all prospective employees and the man accused of abuse was screened.

Sexual abuse in nursing homes is unfortunately not an uncommon form of abuse. When abuse is suspected the police should be contacted immediately. Family of the victim are also strongly urged to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.