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Bedsores Likely the Cause of Death in Nursing Home Abuse Case

July 6, 2012

An investigation into how a Scottish nursing home cared for a woman with bedsores found that the woman’s death could have been avoided if the nursing home had properly monitored and treated the pressure sores.

Before her health deteriorated at the nursing home the elderly woman’s family described her as “very sharp”. Staff at the nursing home admitted that the bedsores had gotten so bad they had exposed part of the elderly woman’s hip bone.

The Care Commission found the care the woman received at the nursing home was “unacceptable”. The sheriff in charge of the fatal accident inquiry said if “reasonable precautions” were taken the woman might not have died.

Also found negligent in the care of this woman were a GP and specialist nurse who did not properly inspect the woman’s wounds on a routine basis.

The parent company of the nursing home admitted during the investigation that they had failed to properly care for the resident.

Bedsores are one of the more prevalent signs of nursing home abuse. A nursing home abuse attorney can help you and your family when a nursing home has failed to provide appropriate care.