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Nursing Home Abuse in Arizona

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Two Arizona Caregivers Arrested for Nursing Home Abuse

July 18, 2013

Two caregivers who worked at a Tucson, Arizona nursing home were arrested this week on suspicions of nursing home abuse against an elderly resident.

According to police reports, Annuhar Jesus Ruiz, 29, and Elisa Moreno, 67, were both caregivers at the Asterion Acres assisted living facility. They were arrested this week after allegations of abuse against a 93-year-old female resident of the facility. Other staff members witnessed the pair allegedly striking the elderly resident on numerous occasions, with both fists and open hands. In addition, per Deputy Jesus Banuelos of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses also stated that the former caregivers hit the victim with a remote control. Other objects were reportedly thrown as well. So far, there has been no mention of the victim’s condition after the abuse.

After the allegations, police continued to investigate the facility. However, there was no indication of any other form of abuse. Ruiz now faces four felony charges of nursing home abuse while Moreno faces five felony nursing home abuse charges. Both were terminated from their positions at Asterion Acres.

Keep in mind that if your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse and/or neglect, there are federal and state laws in place to protect the elderly, and an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can help you. Nursing home abuse lawyers will be happy to assist you. Call today for a free consultation and let a lawyer help you get the justice you deserve.



Pair Caught on Camera Abusing 93-Year Old Care Resident Receive Probation

December 23, 2013

A Tucson, Arizona pair have received four years probation for abusing a 93-year old woman at a care facility in the town. 29-year old Annular Ruiz and 68-year old Alisa Morena were caught when incidents of elder abuse by them were recorded on a hidden video camera.

In July 2013 at Asterion Acres Home Center, Ruiz and Morena were caregivers working at the facility. Investigators found that they were involved in a number of terrible activities after the victim’s son set up a video camera in his mother’s room. Lee Brown suspected that his mother was being abused so he set up the camera. What was filmed were disturbing scenes of Ruiz and Morena hitting and punching Ms. Brown with their fists and with other objects such as a remote control. It also showed Ruiz picking up Brown from her wheelchair and throwing her into bed, hitting her in the face and ripping off her shirt and throwing it at her. The recording also showed Moreno throwing Brown on her bed on 5 different occasions, punching her in the back and grabbing her toes and bending them backward.

The evidence was used in court to convict the pair of vulnerable adult abuse. Ruiz and Moreno were sentenced to the same amount of probation and Ruiz was ordered to pay $3,000 in restitution.

Elderly people can be some of the most vulnerable to exploit especially if they are in nursing homes. If you suspect that someone you know is being abused then you need to ensure that you are reaching out the right to people to make yourself heard. The most important thing is to not stay silent and to make sure that those who are in the wrong are brought to justice. Nursing Home Abuse provides clear and concise advice, outlining the different types of abuse to look out for. Do not delay in contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer to represent your case.