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Alzheimer’s Sufferer Neglected By Family Members

January 6, 2014

A shocking story has emerged as three people have been arrested over the abuse of an elderly relative suffering with Alzheimer’s. 32-year old Mark Gunby, 61-year-old Ida McNeill, and her daughter 33-year old Meredith McNeill were all charged with locking a 93-year old relative in a bedroom and neglecting her.

Police were at the house that the three shared checking for possible drug activity. The threesome has been arrested on drugs charges in the past after police found meth and drug-related objects in their home. What officers found shocked them worse than they had ever seen. It was clear that the elderly victim was not allowed out of her room, where feces and junk lay untouched seemingly for months. Trash and animal feces lay all over the residence, and piles of soiled laundry and dirty dishes were strewn all over the house. As well as the disturbing condition that the elderly victim was found in, 14 cats were also abandoned on the premises. Now the three face elder abuse charges. Ida McNeill, the victim’s own daughter, said that she locked her mother in such awful conditions for her own protection, to stop her wandering off which her Alzheimer’s had caused her to do. Now Adult Protective Services have taken the elderly woman to a safe house to care for her and assess her health.

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia and 50% of elders with the disease have experienced some form of abuse. Shockingly only 2% of federal abuse prevention dollars are spent on protecting the elderly. Victims of Alzheimer’s may feel like they cannot speak out about what is happening to them because people might not believe them. Suffering from dementia in any form makes victims an easy target and those who are abused often feel like they depend on their abuser.

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