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Administrator Faces Sanctions for Not Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

May 6, 2012

The administrator of the Tabor Manor Care Center in southwestern Iowa faces sanctions against his license for not doing enough to prevent a series of sexual nursing home abuse incidents from 2008.

The nursing home administrator is charged with professional incompetence and negligence by the Iowa Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

The alleged sexual attacker was involved in five incidents where staff or residents had reported inappropriate sexual behavior. The abuse occurred over a 16 week period. Some of the incidents allegedly did not get properly reported.

The alleged sexual abuse incidents include the accused male resident fondling multiple female residents and sexually injuring another female resident. The injury was not reported to a doctor.

Tabor Manor Care Center has since received several citations for additional nursing home abuse and neglect issues.

Sexual abuse is not uncommon in nursing homes throughout our country. A nursing home abuse attorney will help abuse victims get justice when a nursing home’s negligence allowed for such abuse.