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A Push for Nurse Practitioners to Reduce Nursing Home Abuse

May 20, 2012

While nurse practitioners at nursing homes are not new in some parts of the country, areas like the Midwest are just starting to discover the benefits of having a nurse practitioner on staff at nursing homes.

The abilities of nurse practitioners include diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medications, and performing certain medical procedures, meaning nursing home residents, many of whom are very sick or just returning from the hospital, will be better cared for and less likely to fall victim to neglect.

A recent story in The Milford Daily News online newspaper reported the story of one nurse practitioner working at a Springfield, Illinois nursing home and using her skills to make sure patients are better cared for.

The nurse practitioner says she is able to keep residents healthier by making sure their illnesses do not get out of hand. She is also able to treat many residents in house, avoiding frequent trips to the hospital which can be very taxing on the elderly.

“The relationships I’ve established with the patients, the fact that we’re preventing patients from going back (frequently) to hospitals, I do feel like I’ve mattered,” she said.

Neglect and nursing home abuse are big problems in nursing homes throughout our country. While we continue to make steps toward improving care in nursing homes it is also important to hold nursing homes accountable for any negligence toward patients. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you and your family if nursing home abuse becomes an issue in your lives.