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$325,000 Settlement Reached in Nursing Home Infection Case

October 18, 2012

Margaret Berrow, a 73-year-old resident of Nassau Extended Care Facility, developed an ingrown toenail of her left foot. The facility performed debridement of the toenail, but the area treated became gangrenous and infected with sepsis. Ultimately, Berrow’s left leg had to be amputated. She subsequently died.

Berrow’s estate sued Nassau Extended Care for failure to properly treat Berrow and sought recovery of wrongful-death damages, including pain and suffering. Counsel for the facility argued that Berrow’s death was a result of unrelated medical conditions including diabetes and insufficiency of her vascular system. The parties reached a settlement during trial. Nassau Extended Care’s insurer agreed to pay Berrow’s estate $325,000.

If you suspect abuse or neglect is occurring you need to contact the authorities and speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your legal options.