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Euless Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse and neglect can leave victims with deep physical, mental, and financial wounds. Many family members are shocked to learn that their loved ones suffered abuse or neglect by the facility and caregivers they entrusted with their loved one’s care.

Consult a Euless nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you hold the facility and its staff accountable. Call 1-800-516-4783 to discuss the details of your case. No one should get away with intentionally harming or failing to provide a standard level of care to nursing home residents. Let a lawyer stand up and pursue justice for your family.

Signs and Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse in nursing homes can take many forms. It can range from neglect to physical assault to financial exploitation. Nursing home residents who are most susceptible to abuse are those with dementia and neurological disabilities, but abuse can affect anyone. These are some of the factors and conditions that have led to legal cases:                                   

  • Malnutrition and dehydration: When a resident begins losing weight, it could be a sign that the person is not getting proper nutrition or does not have enough opportunities to eat and drink.
  • Unsanitary conditions: Facilities must provide suitable living conditions for residents. This means that the nursing home, as well as residents’ rooms and bathrooms, and the equipment they use, like wheelchairs, should be clean and well-maintained. Dirty and untidy conditions could be a sign of neglect by the nursing home staff.
  • Lack of mobility: Mobility issues are commons for the elderly. However, nursing home staff also must help residents who use canes, wheelchairs, and walkers use them. If staff leaves residents in their beds all of the time and does not present opportunities to move, it can cause bedsores. This is neglect.
  • Physical injuries: Unexplained bruises, broken bones, and other injuries could be signs that caregivers are battering the resident. Any type of violence against a nursing home resident is illegal.
  • Behavioral changes: If a happy resident is suddenly sad, depressed, or emotional, this may be a sign of mental abuse or neglect. Resentment and depression could be a sign of harmful conditions and actions.
  • Bad hygiene: Nursing home staff must provide basic hygiene, including regular bathing, teeth brushing, changing clothes, providing clean towels and linens, and changing diapers, if necessary.

No matter what form of abuse you have detected, it is illegal and must be stopped. Talk to your loved one about abuse and file a complaint if necessary. Also, get the authorities involved and request any medical or injury reports related to your loved one.

Consulting with a Euless nursing home abuse lawyer can be helpful. Call 1-800-516-4783 to discuss your case.

Damages You May Recover in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

A Euless nursing home abuse lawyer can help your family recover compensation for damages. Victims may recover compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial effects of the abuse or neglect, including:

  • Hospital and healthcare costs
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Emotional trauma and pain

If a nursing home’s abuse or negligence led to your loved one’s death, you may be entitled to recover damages for burial and funeral costs.

Punitive Damages

Victims may recover punitive damages when the courts impose a monetary punishment on responsible parties. Punitive damages, which are awarded in especially egregious cases, are awarded to deter similar behaviors or incidents in the future. 

No amount of money can undo the abuse or neglect. However, recovering compensation for damages can help your loved one get any treatment he/she needs and make up for other losses. Also, coming forward may prevent another person from suffering like your loved one.

Get help from a nursing home abuse attorney who can help you pursue justice for your loved one. Call 1-800-516-4783 to secure legal assistance.  

Hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you think someone you love is the victim of abuse or neglect in their nursing home, the last thing you may want to think about is finding a lawyer and coming up with funds to pay for their services.

But nursing home abuse attorneys usually work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not owe any attorney fees unless and until your loved one recovers compensation.

Dealing with nursing home abuse or negligence can make families angry and emotional. Focus on your loved one’s emotional needs, while your lawyer handles the legal issues pertaining to your case.

Call 1-800-516-4783 to begin fighting to get justice for your family.

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