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Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Family members, caregivers, and medical professionals have a legal duty to protect the safety and well-being of Florida nursing home residents. When theft, abuse, neglect, or other acts violate the rights of nursing home patients, a nursing home abuse lawyer fights vigorously to bring those responsible to justice.

If you or a loved one have experienced nursing home abuse, you need a dedicated Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyer on your side. A civil suit can bring compensation for medical treatment and tests, essential needs, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and more.

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Who Can Report Nursing Home Abuse?

In cases of nursing home abuse or neglect, there may be several liable parties. We will prove to the court who was responsible for the abuse or neglect. Where the violations were known by other parties, such as nursing home staff or administration, they are also held responsible for neglecting to stop the abuse and protect the victim.

If you work in a nursing home, your right to report suspected nursing home abuse or neglect is protected by law. You cannot be penalized by your employer for reporting if you made the report in good faith which means that even if an investigation shows that no violation occurred, your employer cannot punish you.

Other people who regularly care for or interact with nursing home residents have the same duty of care and legal obligation to report suspected abuses. You are required to take action to protect a vulnerable person and can be held liable for neglect if you fail to do so.

What If I Suspect That a Loved One Died as a Result of Nursing Home Neglect?

In the state of Florida, surviving family have the right to compensation when a loved one has died after being abused in a nursing home. It is important to note that the abuse and/or neglect need not be the cause of death for these laws to apply.

A wrongful death suit can provide compensation for funeral costs, burial or cremation expenses, loss of companionship, pain and suffering experienced before death, and more.

If you believe that your loved one suffered physical or sexual abuse, psychological manipulation or coercion, financial exploitation, or neglect while in the care of a nursing home before their death, we can help. The Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyer assigned to your case will investigate the conditions of care and accommodations, gathering evidence from the care facility to prove the abuse.

It is critical that you seek help as soon as you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect. You have two years from the time the abuse occurred or was discovered to file a claim in court.

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How Can I Tell If a Nursing Home Resident Is Being Abused?

There are willful acts and threats that society recognizes as abuse, including:

  • Physical assault
  • Unwanted sexual touching
  • Threatening to kill or cause bodily harm

However, not all forms of abuse or neglect are as clear. Nursing home abuse is particularly insidious as the violations are being perpetrated on adults who are already vulnerable. There may already be cognitive impairments that prevent a victim from speaking out about their treatment. There is certainly an imbalance of power that can create a legitimate fear of reporting when the perpetrator may be responsible for the victim’s meals, personal care, or finances.

That is why caregivers must take their legal responsibility to safeguard nursing home residents seriously.

Florida nursing homes are regulated by the state and must uphold strict standards of care. In each nursing home facility, residents have the legal right to:

  • Nutritious meals, daily exercise, and social activities
  • Privacy while toileting, bathing, and receiving personal care
  • Compassionate care
  • Access to emergency care, medication, and counseling as needed
  • A safe environment free from abuse and neglect

Failing to provide these essentials is an act of neglect. Our first concern is the safety of the resident and restoring their care to an acceptable level. We then advocate strenuously for nursing home residents to get the compensation they deserve for their suffering.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

If you are a caregiver or family member of a nursing home resident, be alert for these common signs of nursing home abuse and/or neglect:

  • Bedsores or sacral ulcers
  • Unexplained bruising, contusions or broken bones
  • Infected wounds
  • Poor hygiene
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Over-medicating or administering the wrong medication
  • Fear, anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms
  • Sudden or unexplained death

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What Types of Nursing Home Abuse Cases Do You Take?

Our award-winning national nursing home abuse firm helps victims of all kinds of nursing home abuse. We passionately defend the right of vulnerable adults to safe accommodations and care that promotes their well-being and enjoyment of life.

If you are experiencing or have witnessed any of the following types of nursing home abuse, it is critical that you connect with a lawyer immediately:

  • Physical abuse
  • Threats or coercion
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Psychological threats or abuse
  • Sexual harassment or assault

As a nursing home resident, you have the same civil liberties as all other US citizens. Any willful act or threat to your well-being is a violation of your rights.

Do Not Delay—There Is Too Much At Stake

You do not have to suffer in silence. Your Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyer is a powerful advocate for your best interests and is committed to securing compensation for:

  • Medical, therapy, or treatment expenses
  • Costs associated with alternative care
  • Damages for pain, suffering, and emotional anguish
  • Punitive damages for the deprivation of or infringement upon your rights

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