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Pembroke Pines Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Caregivers, family members, and nursing home management have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable adults who live in nursing homes. When that duty of care is violated, lawyers help nursing home abuse and neglect victims seek justice.

If you or a loved one suffered physical, sexual, psychological or financial harm in a nursing home, there may be compensation available. You need a passionate, tenacious Pembroke Pines, FL nursing home abuse lawyer to fight for your rights. Call 1-800-516-4783 today to learn more about your rights and the various courses of action available to you in a nursing home abuse claim.

What Are the Legal Rights of Pembroke Pines Nursing Home Residents?

Florida nursing homes must follow strict protocol and maintain high standards of care. Each facility must be staffed by qualified healthcare professionals and support staff, including a physician, nurse, and dietician. Nursing home administrators are responsible for making sure that all staff have completed their educational hours, received proper training, and passed a criminal record check. They must also ensure that each staff member keeps their vaccinations current.

As a nursing home resident in the state of Florida, you have the legal right to:

  • Nutritious meals, daily exercise, and social activities.
  • Compassionate care.
  • Access to emergency care, medication, and counseling as needed.
  • A safe environment free from abuse and neglect.
  • Privacy at all times, including while using the toilet or bathing.
  • Protection from theft, psychological manipulation, threats, or intimidation.

When lawyers think of nursing home abuse, many think of staff behaving poorly, or one rogue employee physically abusing a resident. However, nursing home abuse and neglect come in many forms and can be done by caregivers of all kinds. The law protects vulnerable adults like nursing home residents from abuse and neglect by:

  • All types of caregivers including relatives, household members, guardians, and other personal contacts.
  • Nursing home staff, administrators, and volunteers.
  • People who provide services to nursing home residents, such as hairdressers or estheticians.
  • Anyone else entrusted with or assuming responsibility for the regular care of a vulnerable adult.

Who Is Responsible for Reporting Nursing Home Abuse?

When a nursing home resident experiences abuse or neglect, lawyers may find that there are several parties liable for their suffering. It is not enough to simply avoid abusing or neglecting people yourself. If you work, volunteer, or visit in a nursing home, you are legally required to report any suspected abuse or neglect.

If the abuse continues, all persons who failed to report it may be held responsible.

It is important to contact a Pembroke Pines nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible when nursing home abuse or neglect are suspected. Attorneys understand the complexities and sensitivity of evidence gathering in these types of cases. The sooner a lawyer can begin their investigation, the sooner lawyers can secure evidence, protect its integrity, and put it to work building the strongest case possible.

Call 1-800-516-4783 today to schedule a free case consultation in which you can learn more about finding the best attorney for elder abuse and the process of seeking compensation for nursing home abuse.

What Types of Nursing Home Abuse Can a Lawyer Help You Fight?

The safety and well-being of clients is a lawyer’s top priority and drives all that they do. Where a nursing home resident’s safety is at stake, it must be reported to the appropriate state regulatory agencies immediately.

Make your next call one to a lawyer. Attorneys and their expert support team handle all types of nursing home abuse, including:

  • Physical abuse. Assault is the best-known form of physical abuse, but it can also include any willful or threatened act that causes or is likely to cause health problems or an impairment.
  • Negligence. This is a failure to provide care, supervision, or services necessary to maintain the health and well-being of a vulnerable person. A person who is aware of any form of abuse and fails to report it is also considered neglectful under Florida state law. Neglect can refer to repeated conduct but applies to single incidents, as well.
  • Sexual abuse. Nursing home residents have the right to protection from all forms of sexual abuse, including unwanted touching and voyeurism.
  • Financial exploitation. Abuse of power of attorney or guardianship duties, theft of personal belongings, failure to use a vulnerable adult’s assets to support their well-being, and misappropriation of funds from personal or joint account are all examples of the types of financial exploitation nursing home residents may suffer.
  • Emotional abuse. Threatening to withhold food or care, censoring communications, and preventing people from visiting the resident are all forms of emotional abuse. Nursing home residents have the same rights to civil and religious liberties as all other citizens of the United States.

Unsure if what you are experiencing is nursing home abuse or neglect? Call 1-800-516-4783 to schedule a free case consultation. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Pembroke Pines is 100% committed to fighting for the rights of victims of nursing home abuse and take care to ensure that clients understand the best course of action in each situation.

How Much Compensation Is Available to Nursing Home Abuse Victims?

Nursing home abuse is not only stressful but can also be financially devastating. When you have lost property or assets due to theft or misappropriation, lawyers work hard to make sure you are compensated as quickly as possible.

The state of Florida also allows a lawyer to hold liable parties responsible for:

  • Medical, therapy, or treatment expenses.
  • Costs associated with alternative care.
  • Damages for pain, suffering, and emotional anguish.
  • Punitive damages for the deprivation of or infringement upon your rights.

When to Contact a Pembroke Pines Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

You do not have to navigate this alone. Victims of nursing home abuse may be afraid of potential repercussions of reporting their abuse to authorities. However, the sooner you file a formal complaint with the state and contact an attorney, the sooner we can begin protecting you from the perpetrator.

One has a limited period to file a claim for nursing home abuse neglect or abuse in Pembroke Pines, FL due to Florida’s statute of limitations. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights to pursue legal action.

If the abuse occurred some time ago and you were unsure how to handle it, or if the loved one who experienced the abuse has passed away, it may not be too late to seek reparations. Your attorney will evaluate the merits of your case in your free case consultation. Call 1-800-516-4783 to learn more about what compensation may be available to you and how we can help.

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