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What Is the Treatment for Bedsores?

Bedsores may require repositioning or support surfaces to address the pressure that caused them in the first place. They may also require wound dressing and cleaning, wound debridement, and, in some cases, surgery.

Keep reading to learn more about the various treatments for bedsores.

Types of Treatment for Bedsores


Bedsores form due to extended pressure on an area of the body. Frequent repositioning can take pressure off the part of the body where the bedsore formed, allowing it to heal.

Support Structures

Caregivers may use pads and cushions to aid in repositioning the body to relieve pressure from the affected area. 

Dressing and Cleaning Wounds

Regular cleaning and frequent dressing changes are important to prevent infection and aid in wound healing.


Debridement refers to the removal of dead, infected, or otherwise damaged tissue from the wound. Cleaning the wound with water may help with debridement, though in some cases doctors may cut away the damaged tissue.

Recovery After Bedsores Treatment

Patients may receive prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and antibiotics to fight infection. Frequent bandage changes and repositioning will also be important during recovery.

Your loved one and their caregivers may also consult a nutritional specialist about a healthy diet to help with the healing process. Proper nutrition is important to wound healing. 

Surgery to Treat Bedsores

If a wound is unresponsive to treatment, the affected area may need surgery to heal properly. This may entail placing skin or muscle over the affected skin, especially if the area is particularly boney to give an extra cushion.

Surgery is often seen as a last result for elderly patients due to the risk of infection and lengthy recovery period. A doctor will typically only recommend surgery if other treatment options have been ineffective. Talk with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home for Bedsores

If your loved one developed bedsores due to the negligence of a nursing home, call a nursing home abuse lawyer at 800-516-4783. You may qualify to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for your loved one’s damages.

Facilities can be held liable for negligence if they have not followed care guidelines (e.g., turning bedridden patients regularly to prevent bedsores) and their negligence resulted in your loved one developing bedsores.

Speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer to start the legal process. Call us today at 800-516-4783.