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How Long Does It Take To Get Bedsores In A Nursing Home?

If your loved one is a resident of a nursing home or care facility and is immobile, caretakers will usually move residents periodically to avoid developing bedsores.

However, when a facility is neglectful, bedsores can develop, become infected, have difficulty healing, and become very painful. Without proper care, bedsores can take months or even years to heal, and in some cases require surgery to help with the healing process.

Bedsores are ulcers that develop when an individual is immobile and spends most of their time sitting or lying down. They can form when residents are in wheelchairs, bedridden, or in any position that puts pressure on the skin and cuts off blood supply, and they can develop in as little as three to four hours.

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How Long It Takes to Develop Bedsores

It can depend on a few factors like kind of position a person is in and how much pressure is put on the skin, but a resident typically needs to be turned or repositioned every two hours to prevent developing bedsores. Padding can also be used to lessen the pressure on the skin.

Proper nutrition through vitamins, minerals, and protein helps prevent and heal bedsores, which is why it’s vital for facilities to provide residents with necessary nourishment.

If bedsores do develop, they can be treated through proper skin care and medication and can often heal in a matter of days for a healthy individual.

Certain People Are More at Risk for Bedsores

Individuals with diabetes, circulation issues, malnutrition, and an inability to sense pain are at higher risk to develop bedsores.

Facilities need to accommodate at-risk residents and provide adequate care by taking preventive measures.

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A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Nursing home negligence can rack up expensive medical costs and affect mental and physical well-being. Contact us today; we’ll advocate on your behalf and work to recover damages as we guide you through the entire legal process. Your loved one shouldn’t suffer due to inadequate care.

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