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July 17, 2011

Various states across the country are making budget cuts to home health care assistance which may mean many elderly people will be forced in nursing homes. Programs such as home food delivery, adult day care, and nurse house calls are all being affected by budget cuts.

Large states such as California and Texas have been affected by this growing trend, with California taking funding away from 330 adult day centers and Texas underfunding Medicaid by about $5 billion which will directly affect how home health care services will be funded.

Home health care services are not required by law which is why they are often a target for budget cuts. These cuts are making it harder and harder for families to provide the services they need to keep elderly and disabled family members at home instead of in nursing homes where many families are concerned that their loved ones will not receive appropriate care and may even be subject to nursing home abuse or neglect.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help your family should nursing home abuse happen to a loved one.


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