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December 27, 2011

A former nursing assistant at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio has recently pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. The nursing home abuse was caught on a hidden camera placed by the resident’s son.

The woman, who was fired from the nursing home along with three other employees, could serve up to six months in jail.

Another ex-employee at the nursing home pleaded guilty last month to seven felony counts of patient abuse or neglect. Both women are scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Hidden cameras are a vital tool in the fight against nursing home abuse. If you have caught the abuse of a loved one on camera, or see warning signs of abuse or neglect, you need to contact the authorities immediately and get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you get financial compensation for the abuse, which also serves as a punishment and warning to the nursing home against allowing further abuse.


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