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March 12, 2012

A woman charged with setting her roommate’s bed on fire in a Missouri nursing home appeared in court last Thursday and will stand trial for her alleged crimes later this month.

She is charged with first-degree elderly abuse and first-degree arson.

The accused woman originally denied setting fire but later admitted to it. She was arrested last January.

Testimony by a police investigator led the Judge to conclude the woman should stand trial for her alleged crimes.

The woman allegedly set fire to her elderly roommate’s bed while the roommate was sleeping. Witnesses reported she was the last person seen in the room before the fire.

Nursing home abuse can occur when residents at nursing homes harm other residents. Often this abuse in at the fault of the nursing home management who could have prevented the abuse.

We encourage you to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer if you or loved one has been abused in a nursing home.


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