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October 4th, 2010

Felony charges have been filed after a 93-year-old resident at Fountain City nursing home in Wisconsin was punched three times in the head by a nursing assistant. The nursing assistant has been charged with felony intentional abuse of a nursing home patient.

The resident reported that she was a victim of nursing home abuse on Aug. 2. The resident said she was punched three times in the head after breakfast when the nursing assistant came to move her from her wheelchair to her bed.

“Every time she comes in this room, I get a biff,” she told a social worker, as shown in court documents.

The nursing assistant was suspended without pay after the incident, according to Lutheran Home administrator Dean Dixon. Within a week later the woman was fired after an internal investigation.

Dixon said that patient safety is paramount, and the staff is trained on proper treatment of patients and how to deal with stress. But he said about once every two years abuse does happen.

“There will be times when things happen,” Dixon said. “We all wish it wouldn’t happen at all, but in the real world it does happen.”


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