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July 11, 2013

The family of an Appleton, Wisconsin nursing home resident who wandered off and died are now suing the facility for neglect and nursing home abuse.

According to police reports, 85-year-old Delores Wiersum was a resident of The Heritage nursing home when she wandered from the premises earlier this year on January 17. She was found a mile away, dead, with a pool of blood around. Initially, investigators thought she was a victim of assault, but evidence suggests that she fell several times which caused an array of injuries.

Per the Winnebago County coroner, Wiersum was left outside in 15-degree weather, wearing only pajamas and a sweater. She fell at least five times, resulted in several broken bones, bruises, and cuts. Her death was listed as hypothermia.

This week, the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against in the nursing home at the Winnebago County Courthouse. The plaintiffs are accusing The Heritage of emotional pain, distress, physical pain, wrongful death, and of violating Wiersum’s rights. Although an amount has not been disclosed, the plaintiffs are seeking damages for medical and funeral expenses.

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