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December 9, 2011

After nursing home abuse and neglect led to the death of a resident at Heartland Nursing Home in West Virginia a jury awarded the family of the victim $91.5 million. The verdict is still being contested by attorneys and is expected to go to the West Virginia Supreme Court.

The total of $91.5 million is made up of $80 million in punitive damages and $11.5 million in compensatory damages. Lawyers for ManorCare, the nursing home’s parent company, say the compensatory amount should be capped at $500,000 under the Medical Professionals Liability Act.

Attorneys for the victim’s family say the cap only applies to companies with $1 million insurance coverage or fund. With $125 million in insurance, attorneys for the victim say ManorCare is not entitled to the cap.

A nursing home abuse lawyer plays the crucial role of fighting for abuse and neglect victims and their families to make sure nursing homes guilty of abuse are held accountable.


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