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October 22nd, 2010

A woman was sentenced to two years in prison fornursing home abuse involving stealing painkillers from a patient at Holston Manor Nursing Home in Virginia.

The drug addicted licensed practical nurse deprived a patient of prescribed extended release pain medication for a 24-hour period in July 2009.

Dr. Robert Lee, medical director at Holston Manor, told investigators that “in his medical opinion [the patient] would have been in pain.”

The LPN told investigators about her history of stealing medication from nursing jobs as well as becoming addicted to painkillers after having surgery.

While going through a divorce and after the death of her mother she told investigators “I started taking medications to stop the [emotional] pain that I was having.”

She said she was “using Lortab and Percocet very heavily,” and that she needed them “just to get up to go to work.”

The woman said by the end of May 2009 she was taking “muscle relaxers, Somas” and anything else “that I could get my hands on.”


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