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April 26, 2011

Last Saturday Ohio nursing home advocates came out in opposition of state budget cuts that could lead to nursing home abuse and neglect. State Rep. John Carey heard their concerns and says he does not think the budget cuts will affect nursing homes.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget cuts included decreased funding to skilled nursing facilities, with a cut of more than $400 million in Medicaid payments to nursing homes over the next two years. However, Carey told those at the town hall meeting that he does not think the budget cuts will be put into effect given better than expected tax revenues than were originally projected.

“On a positive vein, revenues are coming in much stronger than projected,” said Carey. “By the time we get into the process, I think there will be more money to put into the budget.”

The town hall meeting was held at Holzer Senior Care Center in Bidwell, Ohio. Most of the nursing home advocates in attendance were Holzer employees, residents, and family members.

Nursing home advocates who stand up for the protection of the elderly play a critical role in the fight against nursing home abuse. Also important is the role of a nursing home abuse lawyer who will fight for you and your family if nursing home abuse or neglect happens.


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